10 tips for a healthy diet

Recommendation for a healthy diet
Recommendation for a healthy diet

Any unconscious diet also destroys the dreams of achieving a healthy weight. Anadolu Health Center nutrition and nutrition specialist Tuba Ă–rnek stated that any mistake made during the diet can cause many health problems, saying: “Weight problems and obesity due to unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle are a problem that we encounter more and more “Every day. In parallel, the number of people resorting to the wrong ways to lose weight is not small. Dieting is never a temporary process, it is a lifestyle that should be adopted on the path to sustainable health.” He also talked about the most common mistakes during dieting.

Trying to copy another person’s diet

The diet is personal. It varies depending on the clinical situation, lifestyle, physical activity and preferences, and these should be assessed by a dietitian. At the end of a healthy weight loss process under control, an appropriate diet is achieved and this continues throughout life.

Elimination of all carbohydrate foods completely (even fruit …)

If the person does not have a particular condition, on average 40-50 percent of his daily energy needs should come from carbohydrates; May the cycles of metabolism continue in a healthy way. Of course, the type of carbohydrate is very important here. What to exclude from the diet; Foods added to table sugar, glucose / corn syrup, starch, sweetened and made with white refined flour. Whole grain breads, fruits, legumes, milk and dairy products and crustaceans / fiber grains contain complex carbohydrates that are necessary for our body. Nevertheless, let us recall this; Individual restrictions should be decided under the supervision of a physician and dietitian.

choose not to eat dinner

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, eating dinner does not contribute to healthy weight loss. The important thing here is not to eat dinner at all, but not to leave it late.

eat only liquid

Feeding with vegetable and fruit juices for a long time is considered a uniform diet. We may get many vitamins and minerals by eating this way, but adequate balanced nutrition is not provided without protein and fat.

Trust only cinnamon or lemon water, and think it’s a fat burner

Cinnamon or lemon with added water does not have a fat-burning effect. Burning excess fat in the body can be achieved if it is integrated with a personally balanced diet and regular sports.

Eat yogurt with chili peppers before going to bed

Thanks to the probiotics it contains, yogurt helps gut health. In some studies, capsaicin in chili peppers has been shown to support weight loss and its anticancer and satiating properties. Therefore, we can say that yogurt with chili peppers is healthy. You can even add turmeric, black pepper and other popular spices. But there is nothing special about eating it late. It is recommended to stop feeding after 19.00-20.00 in the evening as far as possible.

Prefers foods that are completely fat-free and light

Unless specifically restricted by a physician or dietitian, you do not need to choose fat-free animal products. For our body also needs some saturated fat.

cooking without oil

Olive oil is a quality oil to use especially in meals and salads due to its strong antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that not a fat-free diet but a simple sugar-free diet has an effect on weight loss.

Looking for non-diet solutions to lose weight fast

Herbs / teas that support weight loss by accelerating metabolism with weight loss medications and surgical procedures are only really effective when accompanied by diet and sports. None of these should be seen as miracles in themselves.

Do not include sports in the diet process and think that it is a temporary period

Diets without sports either do not give results or force the person to take very low calories. This is an undesirable situation in terms of immunity. It must not be forgotten that; Dieting is never a temporary process, it is a lifestyle that should be adopted on the path to sustainable health.

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