30,000 BC Public Service employees must be vaccinated by November 22 – BC News

Public service mandate soon

The provincial government has revealed the details of its vaccine mandate to the BC Public Service.

Close to 30,000 public sector workers working for the BC government are to be vaccinated by November 22, the province announced Monday.

Those who refuse will be put on unpaid leave for three months and then dismissed.

The policy applies to everyone who works for BC Public Service, whether they work on-site or externally. This also includes employees of any board, commission, agency or organization to which the Public Access to Information Act applies or whose employees are employed in accordance with the Public Access to Information Act.

Contractors and others who have access to areas that are only for employees in indoor public workplaces must be vaccinated by December 13th. This does not apply to members of the public who have access to public services.

Partially vaccinated staff – those who have received only one dose – may be offered alternative procedures and must provide proof of full vaccination within 35 days of receiving their first dose. Partially vaccinated employees who are not fully vaccinated within that timeline will be put on unpaid leave.

The federal government has already announced similar measures for its employees.

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