5 reasons why we’re excited about Google Lens on Chrome

For Google, vision-driven search engine features have been around for a long time already. In some ways, it already exists in the form of the reverse image search feature and the Google Socratic app.

However, Google recently hinted that Google Lens, the machine behind its advanced image search features, will be coming to Chrome. Following its commitment to a future without cookies and its FLoC experiments, this move is rapidly setting the pace for online advertising and shopping as we know it.

If you could not already tell, we’m pretty excited about Google Lens on its way to Chrome. Here are five reasons why.

1. Easily copy text on photos or PDF

Occasionally, we come across quotes or excerpts in passages that really pull at our heartstrings (or something we need for work). Unfortunately, they often come in the form of images or PDFs. Although we can try to save them on our computer, it is easy to lose them.

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Fortunately, Google Lens can help you take a picture and copy text at the same time. This allows you to both save an image and add it as text to your notes.

2. Identify plants and animals

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For plant moms and animal lovers, love at first sight is a very real thing. Unfortunately, lifestyle images often treat plants and animals as decorations and not branded goods. For this reason, they rarely mention what it is or where you can get it.

It can be very difficult not to think about what could have been what could have made your collection a little more complete. With Google Lens on Chrome, you can find the name of the perfect plant or puppy and where you can easily find one.

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3. Help with homework

As more schools move their content online, most homework follows. Unfortunately, because teachers are not easy to catch up on after-school consultations, it can be difficult to ask for help with things you do not understand.

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While easier questions can be asked through a simple search, math problems are another beast because it can be nearly impossible to write long equations. With Google Lens, it’s possible to take a quick snap from a PDF questionnaire and perform a quick search.

Alternatively, you can also use Google Socratic to help with homework. Using the same technology as Google Lens, Google Socratic uses the same features through a mobile app aimed at educational purposes.

4. Find your favorite content creators

Have you ever seen random clips on social media, laughed your heart out and boned to find out where you can get more? With a lack of proper attribution, it’s a little disappointing when you’re looking for more, but just can not find anything.

Using Google Lens for Chrome, you can quickly find content creators that match your interests or humor. With just a few clicks, you do not have to spend hours searching the web with vague terms to find people you want to follow.

5. Search for items to buy online

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Have you ever watched a TV show and seen an outfit that you just know will make you look amazing? Or have you ever seen a piece of furniture while streaming a movie and think it will look spectacular in your living room?

In the past, curious shoppers would follow Instagram accounts dedicated to fashion on TV and wait to see where the clothes are from. With Google Lens for Chrome, customers could skip this step and find brands instantly.

See the world in a new way with Google Lens

When mixed with Google’s ever more intelligent algorithms, Google can effectively catalog everything online that you ever want to buy, in the most convenient way possible. With just a few clicks, you can go from a lifestyle image to checking out an item on an e-commerce platform.

While the technology behind Google Lens has been available for a while, its introduction to Chrome will add a myriad of possible practical uses across industries. But only time will tell how effective Google Lens for Chrome will be in meeting Google’s goals.

Google Lens is used to detect the Eiffel Tower.
What is Google Lens? 6 things you did not know you could

Google Lens lets you discover cool information about images, objects, or text in the real world around you.

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