AoE4’s first Bonkers strategy has just emerged

Aussie YouTuber Aussie_Drongo cast a high-level game AoE4 players recently, and one of the players used a trading strategy with the Mongols that enabled him to gain a decent resource advantage.

The legendary player DauT has a long history in AoE2 scene and it looks like he’s getting cunning now AoE4 is out. The new strategy involves pumping merchants out of the Silver Tree next to the Mongolian Ovoo, effectively getting them at half price and producing at double speed.

Before long, DauT has a huge number of traders on their way to a nearby trading post, which he was able to defend. The gold advantage allowed him to win the first few military engagements extensively.

You can watch the full video below:

It is also worth noting that this trade route is not very long. Imagine what could be done if the route was across the map?

The strategy seems counterintuitive as it is based on card control and the Mongols are a raiding civilian. If the route is attacked successfully or an opponent manages to build fortifications there, maybe the Mongols can just change the route to another location? I will have to see more DauT to find auT.

It may not be “busted”, as the title claims, but it is certainly very interesting. It also highlights how much AoE4 is about matchups, instead of just learning construction orders for your primary civ.

As Drongo notes in the video, the Holy Roman Empire’s battles with rams are fierce, but the Mongols can just pack up their base and move it. As soon as they see rams, they can surpass them and reach a more safe place.

A large number of merchants stretch from a trading post in Age of Empires 4

As a result, you can see that the opponent is not even trying to build rams, but instead chooses armor.

After the stress test Age society stared down at four weeks without our new favorite game. We could not play it, but we could do the next best thing, which was to immerse ourselves in videos. Drongo was a lifeguard at the time.

I’m pretty sure he recorded as many games as possible during the stress test and slowly dripped them to us until he got real early access to the game, and I tilt my hat to him because those videos kept me in his mind while i was jonesing for someone else AoE4 correct.

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