Atalanta vs Manchester United LIVE highlights and reaction as Cristiano Ronaldo scores twice

Manchester United played a 2-2 draw against Atalanta in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

United started in 5-3-2, but Atalanta took the lead through Ilicic just after 10 minutes. It was a tame effort from the striker and David de Gea should have done better. United, however, found an equalizer at the break through Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was a beautifully executed goal from United with Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldo all involved.

United started the second half well, but Zapata took advantage of Eric Bailly’s and Harry Maguire’s poor positional awareness to give Atalanta the lead. From that moment on, United sought to get back to it, but they seemed to be devoid of quality in the final third.

That was until Ronaldo produced another moment of brilliance deep inside the break to save a point in Italy.

He continues to save United and superlatives do him no justice.

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FT – ATA 2-2 MUNSteven Railston

Scholes and Ferdinand are not happy

Both handed down their verdict on BT Sport.

Scholes said United’s performance “was a mess”.

Rio Ferdinand said it was “disorder”.

Harry Maguire was guilty of making another mistake against Atalanta. (Image: Emilio Andreoli / Getty Images.)

FT – ATA 2-2 MUNSteven Railston

United Player Ratings: Ronaldo good but Pogba bad vs Atalanta

David De Gea

Made his first direct error of the season by letting Josip Ilicic’s direct shot through him. Could have come out of his line for Duvan Zapata’s goal. 4

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Too porous against Zapata for the opening goal and was not nearly as proactive on the opponent’s half of the field as on Saturday. Regression. 5

Eric Bailly

He saved United a couple of times and impressed only with his second appearance of the season. In fact, a one-man defense. 8

Raphael Varane

Offspring injured in the first half. It would be a potential disaster if he is missing for the derby on Saturday. 5

Read the full reviews here.

FT – ATA 2-2 MUNSteven Railston


Another lackluster display from United has been saved by Ronaldo.

He is a once in a lifetime player.

Watch for reaction.

90 ‘+ 3 – ATA 2-2 MUNSteven Railston

Ronaldo has done it again

Superlatives do him no justice.

90 ‘+ 1 – ATA 2-2 MUNKEY EVENT

GOAL!! UNITED 2-2 !!





90 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

Five minutes added

Can they find a target?

86 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

Van de Beek and Sancho come on

Van de Beek and Sancho come on.

McTominay and got going.

Yes really. Van de Beek is on.

85 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston


Zapata from a distance.

De Gea saves.

83 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

It’s all United now

Atalanta is incredibly deep.

Can they keep going? United do not do much about it.

80 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

Bailly looks in disbelief at Maguire

79 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

Bailly is there to save United again

Bailly removes the danger.

He’s been MOTM tonight at the back.

76 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

United have not yet had a period of possession

United are still enjoying a period of possession and there are just under 15 minutes left – that must be worrying.

74 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston


Wan-Bissaka with the shot, but Greenwood gets in the way.

71 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

Pogba did not deliver tonight

McTominay goes on tight rope on a yellow card, and yet Solskjær pulled Pogba out for Matic. It speaks louder than any word can. Pogba did not really deserve to start tonight and he has not taken advantage of his opportunity. He was sloppy in possession on more than one occasion, and it turned out to be almost expensive.

68 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

Solskjær makes two more changes

Cavani and Matic come on.

Rashford and Pogba come out.

65 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

Matic and Cavani warm up

Several changes will be made.

63 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

Bailly has been United’s best defender

Bailly has been United’s best defender tonight.

Who would have expected that?

60 ‘- ATA 2-1 MUNSteven Railston

It was bad from Maguire

What an accident. VAR took an absolute age to reverse this decision, but it has been considered the right call by officials. It was terrible from Maguire to give Zapata the chance. He continues to perform markedly during this season, and in this form he certainly justifies an omission from start-11 at some point.




The decision is overturned by VAR.

Zapata scorer. Terrible from Maguire.

55 ‘- ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston


Atalanta score, but it is offside.

52 ‘- ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston

United have started the second half well

No matter what Solskjær said at the break, it worked. United have come out bright and energetic in this second half. Their one-touch pass in dangerous areas creates openings, and they finally seize the initiative – the next goal becomes huge.

50 ‘- ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston

McTominay reserved

McTominay gets a yellow.

50 ‘- ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston


It looks more like.

Greenwood is offside and hits the crossbar.

50 ‘- ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston

Fernandes becomes the human brand

It seems that Fernandes will be male-dominated by De Roon.

48 ‘- ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston

Bailly is down

It did not look good again – however, he is on his feet again.

46 ‘- ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston

We’re up and running again

Here we go.

HT – ATA 1-1 MUNSamuel Luckhurst

Solskjær deserves praise for the change

Solskjær deserves credit for choosing to go 4-2-3-1 and put Greenwood on. His pass to the goal was possibly the best thing about it. The technique and awareness is unique and resembles his cross for Cavani at Tottenham last season. Perhaps Solskjær’s fortune is really improving.

A 1-1 draw would be a positive result for United, but the match can of course be won and they have a deep bench to pull from.

HT – ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston

SE: Ronaldo’s brilliant goal

HT – ATA 1-1 MUNSteven Railston

HT – ATA 1-1 MUNSamuel Luckhurst

Half-time assessments

And here are your mid-term ratings …

De Gea

Bad error. 4


Too open towards Zapata for the goal. 5


saved United out. 7


Get the wound out. 5


Out of pace. 5


Slept when Pasalic was free. 5


No strength and no unity. 3


The shot hit the post. 6


Did a little until he ate at Ronaldo. 6


Pulled United up out of the swamp again. 7


Quiet. 5


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