Bert Newton’s wife Patti reveals the cause of death of the Australian entertainment legend

Patti Newton has opened up about what killed her entertainment legend husband.

Bert Newton, a four-time Logie Prize winner, had a leg amputated in May this year due to a life-threatening infection and died on Saturday at a private clinic in Melbourne.

He was 83.

Patti and Bert Newton.
Camera iconPatti and Bert Newton. Credit: Sam Tabone/Getty pictures

Now the adoring wife Patti has revealed that Bert eventually succumbed to “complications with everything”.

“When you get a leg amputated, you have to be on a lot of pain medication, and Bert had, just this year alone, eight procedures, all of which involved anesthesia, and it affects you pretty hard,” she told the Daily Mail.

“Your whole system and just about everything really shuts down. That was all.”


It happened after entertainer Patti revealed that her son, Matthew Newton, would not return to Melbourne for the funeral.

But while Matthew does not want to leave New York, where he has been based since 2012, Patti said there was “no quarrel” and that he and Bert “had many long conversations” while the deceased star was in the hospital.

Matthew Newton.
Camera iconMatthew Newton. Credit: Brendon Thorne/Getty pictures

“He’s not coming,” she said.

“For no reason. I do not know, I mean he may have to make a statement to prevent everyone from believing that there is a rift or something.

Matthew suffers from bipolar disorder and has been seeking treatment for his problems for years.

His relationship with his parents is believed to have been quite strained, with Bert and Patti having previously spoken in the wake of alleged incidents of domestic violence involving their only son.


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