Big, unruly parties get violent at the University of Victoria – BC News

A University of Victoria student says large, drunken gatherings over the Halloween weekend are “a recipe for disaster” and UVic needs to put an end to that.

The student sent videos recorded late Saturday to the media in hopes of “embarrassing UVic for doing something.”

The videos show hundreds of people gathered in a space outside homes while singing and shouting and drinking openly while fireworks are being fired. Someone then shoots fireworks into the crowd, where they explode while partygoers scream.

The student, who did not want to be identified, feared reprisals from the university and the people in the videos, said the gatherings and fireworks took place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and lasted until 1 p.m.

Pumpkins and bottles were thrown from rooftops, and several fights broke out, the student said, adding that Monday morning there was blood on the sidewalks from shards of glass and fights.

The student experienced that someone drove a vehicle into the same parking area in the early hours of October 3, where he barely missed six women sitting on the grass. And the student has also seen people throwing television and other objects into the collection area.

“I’m waiting for someone to die … is that when they have to put an end to this?” said the student, adding that the outdoor parties have been taking place since the start of the school year, almost every weekend.

Saanich police art. Markus Anastasiades confirmed that there were mass gatherings of up to 1,000 people in the area on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and extra officers were dispatched each of the three nights. Several tickets were issued for open spirits and minor injuries were noted and at least one assault is being investigated, he said.

Ambulances were also called in to check for injuries. No officers were injured.

“People are so drunk they were unable to take care of themselves,” Anastasiades said. “People fired fireworks into the crowds.”

Anastasiades said calls for UVic homes this year are unprecedented as hundreds gather for weekend parties.

“Enforcement up there, what we see we have not seen before,” he said. ‘Some of them are students. Some are not. The university is seen as a gathering place for young people. ”

Karen Johnston, associate director of public affairs at UVic, said in a statement that many of the people who gathered on campus over the weekend were not UVic students.

The statement said mass parties in and around residential buildings are not allowed for any reason and all reported violations of this policy by UVic students from the past weekend will be followed up through “established behavioral processes.”

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