Block 2021 Auction Campaign: The photo snippet will be revealed prior to the auctions

With the season’s last Room Reveals finished and dusty, Blockheads now face auction day.

The Bronte Court homes go under the hammer on Sunday, November 7, but that’s just the start of what will be a giant night of television.

“Australia is taking place for the biggest, most explosive, grand finale ever,” teases the voice-over.

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While we are all ready to see who will win the $ 100,000 prize, there is one question that has lurked all season: Who took the picture?

Finally we get the answer.

Block 2021, new promo reveals that photo truth is coming out
The cheating scandal that shook The Block is not over yet. (Nine)

“I have to stand up and be honest and share my truth,” Tanya says in a flashback clip of her alt-interview with Luke about the cheating scandal.

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We want to find out the truth about the image of the production plan that threw the whole show into chaos.

Footage of Josh and Luke backstage, which can be heard saying, “I want to tell the truth,” and “Are you sure?”

Voice-over suggests it’s one big truth bomb.

Block 2021, new promo reveals that photo truth is coming out
Tanya flashes her phone to the camera while she and Vito are asked about the picture. (Nine)

“Obviously we know the truth and we feel it’s time to say it now,” Josh says with Luke in a confession interview.

Then it flashes to Tanya, who says, “I’ll show you the text.”

She gets up and comes back with her hand up and flashes her phone towards the cameras.

After months of speculation, the photo cheat will be revealed, and it looks like the twins and Tanya have been sitting on more information than they have left out.

And of course, the dead end of dreams will go under the hammer, and Ronnie and Georgia, Mitch and Mark, Tanya and Vito, Josh and Luke or Kirsty and Jesse will be crowned winners of Blocks.

The block auctions will be broadcast on Sunday 7 November at 19.00 the nine and 9 Nu.

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