Call Of Duty Warzone to get third card and new state in 2022 say rumors

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 artwork

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Already Leaked (Image: Activision)

Even more leaks about next year’s Call Of Duty suggest that the new Modern Warfare 2 will also bring significant changes to the Warzone.

Call Of Duty games always leak months before they are officially announced, but this may be the first time leaks have started for next year’s games before this year’s out.

For several weeks now, rumors have been suggesting this 2022’s game is Modern Warfare 2, a sequel to the 2019 game, but one that historically seems to have no connection to the original from 2009 – as it is about South American drug cartels rather than Russia invading the United States.

What has not been leaked so far though is what effect the game will have on Warzone, but the latest rumor suggests that the game’s release will mean a new map and a new mode.

According to the website VGC, Modern Warfare 2 will inspire the third new map for Warzone, after the original Verdansk and the upcoming new Caldera.

As usual, the new map will feature locations from the main campaign and multiplayer, with versions of Favela and other classic maps such as Afghan, Quarry, Terminal and Trailer Park.

It will probably completely replace the Caldera with no option to choose between them, as Activision believes it would split the community, as that is not how other battle royales do things.

The second revelation is that Modern Warfare 2 will include a new mode that will use the new Warzone map to create a PvPvE mode similar to Battlefield 2042’s recently unveiled Hazard Zone.

The new mode has reportedly been under development for several years, so its resemblance to the Hazard Zone is a coincidence and will involve fighting other teams and computer-controlled cartel soldiers while performing target-based missions.

There is no indication of what the new mode is called, but if the description is accurate, it will be the first time that Warzone and the current paid version of Call Of Duty have been combined in this way.

The new mode may replace zombies, but that decision has reportedly not been made yet.

Finally, it is reported that work from a canceled remaster of the original Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode will be used in the new game, added remastered cards and weapons that would not otherwise have been included.

Whether any of this is true will take a long time to figure out, but none of it seems entirely incredible. And if next year’s game is announced as Modern Warfare 2, then the chances increase that the rest of the leaks are also accurate.

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