CBD Kratom condemns a possible Delta-8 THC ban in New York

ST. LOUIS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – CBD Kratom, the largest privately owned cannabis and kratom retail chain in the United States, today condemned the New York Cannabis Control Boards (CCB) move to possibly ban Delta-8 THC in New York State. CCB has scheduled a meeting on Wednesday, November 3, where the board may vote to ban Delta-8 THC.

“CCBs are simply not doing the job they were appointed to do on behalf of the people of New York State,” said David Palatnik, co-owner of CBD Kratom. “They claim that this ban is for the benefit of public health, but how is it possible when consumers have asked for rules, not a ban? A hallmark of CBD Kratom has been the self-regulation of our products, and we have always supported sensible “Unfortunately, the CCB ban would be a dangerous decision that would hurt countless New Yorkers who use this safe, effective and proven product to combat a wide range of serious problems.”

With a possible imminent ban, CBD Kratom recently issued a public comment letter to thousands of customers and voters urging them to send the letter to CCB board members and state representatives. In the latest round of public comments, 100% of New Yorkers who submitted comments about Delta-8 were specifically against any kind of ban.

“We urge everyone to join us in the fight to prevent this unlawful ban on Delta-8 THC,” Palatnik said. “Without a safe market for these products, a ban would cause hundreds, if not thousands, of people to turn to illegal markets to obtain these products. As a result, this could lead to many dangerous health outcomes for New Yorkers.”

Not only would a ban deprive consumers of the many benefits of a naturally derived hemp supplement, the ban on Delta-8 THC would have a number of other negative consequences for New Yorkers and the state, including:

  • The potential loss of hundreds of jobs across the country.

  • It cost the state of New York millions in tax revenue.

  • Damages local small businesses and communities that are still shaking under the impact of COVID-19.

  • Damage minority-owned and women-owned companies while creating a negative cultural impact on trade in the state.

  • Injury veterans using Delta-8 THC to help PTSD.

  • Lead to an increase in the black market, which is likely to result in more crime, drug arrests and an increase in the number of people in an already crowded criminal justice system.

Delta-8 THC, found in the hemp plant, contains less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC and has become more and more popular in recent years due to its many health benefits. In 2018, the US Farm Bill was passed by Congress, which legalized Delta-8 THC at the federal level.

“Instead of trying to regulate Delta-8 THC safely, CCB seeks to push our new industry out of the light and back into the dark,” Palatnik said. “Banning this product will leave hundreds of people unemployed and criminalize a newly liberated and marginalized group of New Yorkers apparently from one day to the next.”


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