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Monday, October 4, 2021, after a break of almost two years, The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) was proud to welcome guests back to the personal 40th Annual Arthur Ross Awards. Architects, designers, artisans, builders, academics and many more gathered and occupied two full rooms in a private club in New York City to pay tribute to this year’s honor: Skurman Architects (Architecture), Hyde Park Lister (crafts and crafts), Bob Christian Decoration Art (Fine Art), Hollander Design Landscape Architects (Landscape), Charles Miers and Rizzoli New York (Publishing), John FW Rogers (Patronage), and Michael Lykoudis, FAIA (Board of Honors).

2021 Arthur Ross Awards Presenter and ICAA Board Member Mark Ferguson.
Bob Christian from 2021 Arthur Ross Award-winning company Bob Christian Decorative Arts (Fine Arts).
2021 Arthur Ross Award winner Charles Miers from Rizzoli New York (Publishing).
Winner of the Arthur Ross Award 2021 John FW Rogers (Patronage) with ICAA President Peter Lyden.

Over 400 practitioners and enthusiasts of classical and traditional architecture and design were gathered to celebrate the achievements of these seven honored, whose life’s work has enriched the built environment, beautified landscapes and interiors, filled libraries, educated thousands of students and preserved architectural treasures. The awards were presented in two rooms by both ICAA Chairman of the Board Russell Windham and ICAA board member Mark Ferguson.

The winners of the Arthur Ross Award 2021 were selected by a jury that included Bunny Williams (Chair), James Carter, Elizabeth Dillon, Anne Harris, Katherine Herman, Steele Marcous, and Gil Schafer. Co-chairs of this year’s Arthur Ross Awards include Anthony Barnes, Nina Campbell, Steven Gambrel, and Suzanne Tucker. Chairs of honor include Janet C. Ross, Suzanne R. Santry, the late Ambassador and Mrs. William J. Vanden Hill, and Bunny Williams.

2021 Arthur Ross Awards recipient Michael Lykoudis, FAIA, Theresa Lykoudis, David Stone and Jim Coyle.
2021 Arthur Ross Awards recipient Charles Miers, Kathleen Jayes, Sandy Gilbert and Jill Cohen.
2021 Arthur Ross Awards Presenter and ICAA Chairman Russell Windham and ICAA Board Member Barbara Eberlein.
L. to r .: 2021 Arthur Ross Awards recipient Edmund Hollander and Wendy Powers; Michael Diaz-Griffith and Hadley Keller.
Howard Christian, Sarah Magness and Natalie Aldridge.
ICAA board member John Flower, Stephanie Flower and ICAA President Peter Lyden.
L. to r .: 2021 Arthur Ross Awards Presenter and ICAA Board Chair Russell Windham with Co-Chair and ICAA Board Member Suzanne Tucker; Elizabeth Graziolo and Tham Kannalikham.
ICAA Board Member Kirk Henckels, Linda Stabler Talty and ICAA Board Member Peter Talty.
John Danzer, Douglas Wright, ICAA President Peter Lyden and Collier Calandruccio.
L. to r .: ICAA President Peter Lyden and Mary Elizabeth Andriotis; ICAA board members Bunny Williams and Kathryn Herman.
Joseph Lucier, Stacey Caen, 2021 Arthur Ross Awards recipient Andrew Skurman and Francoise Skurman.
Oliver Cope, 2021 Arthur Ross Awards recipient John Rogers, Tham Kannalikham and Alexandra Rogers.
ICAA board members Eric Osth and Janet C. Ross.

Last Saturday night at the Lotos Club, Holland Society of New York held his 131. Dinner Dance. The Holland Society was founded in 1885 as a historical and genealogical society to honor and preserve the history of New Netherland, the Dutch settlement that became New York. The Holland Society annually awards a Medal for Distinguished Achievement for civic, cultural, or social contributions to New York. Society’s medalists in 2021 were Broadway actors Carolyn McCormick and Byron Jennings.

The company welcomed 84 guests to the dinner dance. During the cocktail hour, Carolyn McCormick and Byron Jennings performed the balcony scene from Noel Cowards Game Privacy, to great applause.

A reading of the balcony scene from Noel Cowards private life, by Carolyn McCormick and Byron Jennings.
Audience to Privacy reading.

Prior to dinner, the traditional toasts were made. After the bowls, the Pastor Paul Lent read the call. Next, Holland Society Director Sarah Cooney welcomed guests and introduced the medal winners, emphasizing that “theater is an integral part of New York culture, and Carolyn McCormick and Byron Jennings are integral parts of New York theater.” Carolyn McCormick read their speech of thanks and noted the Society’s focus on celebrating New York stories.

Flowers from Cold Spring Harbor Flowers.
The dinner scene at Holland Society’s 131st Dinner Dance.

After dinner, Holland Society chairman Colonel Adrian Bogart III (Ret.) Shared its plans for the Company’s future, including greater community-based collaboration focusing on New York history. He then introduced the long-standing Holland Society tradition of Beaver Parading, worn by Ethan Hasbrouck Van Ness and Jonathan Doucette.

Holland Society’s traditional Parading of the Beaver, carried by Ethan Hasbrouck Van Ness and Jonathan Doucette.

Dancing followed the dinner with music Lester Lanine Orchestra. An after-party was held at Lotos Club Grill.

Holland Society Director Sarah Cooney and Stephen Cooney.
Holland Society President Colonel Adrian Bogart III, Holland Society Medal winner Carolyn McCormick, Holland Society Director Sarah Cooney and Holland Society Medal winner Byron Jennings.
George and Phebe Banta.
Jeremy Skog and Laura Lieberman.
Kate Oldham, Carolyn McCormick and Trish Neve.
Lisa Bloodgood Weedon, Catherine Van Ness, Ella Rivers and Christopher Weedon Jr.
Natalie Aldridge and Jonathan Doucette.
Ryck Lent, Jennifer Lent, Rev. Paul Lent and Daniel Lent.
Stuart and Gail Van Winkle.

The 20th annual ADAPT Community Network Golf Tournament was held at the Brae Burn Country Club in Purchase, New York on Monday, October 18th. The event was sold out and was attended by over 150 people. The annual tournament supports the ADAPT Community Network, where all proceeds from the event help fund the delivery of life-affirming programs and services for children and adults with disabilities and their families. The event raised $ 265,000.

Host Jill Flint welcomes the audience

TV and movie star Jill Flint, hosted this year’s golf outing for the fourth time. Edward R. Matthews, CEO of ADAPT Community Network gave welcome remarks.

“We thank everyone who supported this year’s golf tournament,” said Ed Matthews. “We were pleased to honor ADAPT’s dedicated staff and key staff, whose tireless work in significant ways over the past year has enabled us to continue to deliver our over 100 comprehensive programs and services to thousands of children, families and adults supported by ADAPT. and at the same time keep them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank Jill Flint for being such a dedicated long-term supporter of ADAPT, and we also thank this year’s ADAPT Golf Committee. “

Laura Hickman.

The 2021 ADAPT Golf Tournament Committee was: Michael Berger, Valentino Galella, Edward R. Matthews, Jeffrey Weiss, and Alan Zack.

After the golf day, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails were served on the terrace of the Brae Burn Country Club. Ed Matthews and Jill Flint presented the ADAPT Golf Tournament Awards.

ADAPT Community Network is the leading human service non-profit and a pioneer in providing cutting-edge programs and services to people with disabilities.

Every day, ADAPT builds a more inclusive world for thousands of New Yorkers through education, technology, health, housing and recreational programs in all five boroughs. Its schools and services include many people who have challenges beyond cerebral palsy, such as autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida and neuromuscular disorders, among others. They are the largest provider of preschool education for children with disabilities in New York. ADAPT’s 100 comprehensive programs serve over 20,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families.

Jill Flint and Edward R. Matthews.

For more information on the ADAPT Community Network, go to:

Laura Hickman, Valentino Galella, Jeffrey Weiss, Michael Berger, Jill Flint, Edward R. Matthews and Alan Zack. Photo by Andrei Jackamets
Benjamin Zack, Jared Litt, Marty Litt, Alan Zack, Evan Kaplan and Glen Edelman
Bill Kenney, Wendy Kenney and Dahlian Porter
Bill Washienko, Valentino Galella and Michael Tessalone.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Weiss
Ryan Laul, Linda Laul and Christopher Laul
Dinner at the ADAPT Community Network Golf Tournament.

Photo credits: Sylvain Gaboury and Jared Siskin / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images (ICAA); Matthew Lesman & Kate Oldham (Holland Society)

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