David Lauren turns 50 with a blowout at New York Public Library

What else would you expect from Ralph Lauren’s son?

This weekend, David Lauren celebrated a milestone birthday with a black tie at an iconic landmark in New York.

The festive evening began, but of course with a stop at the Polo Bar, where we just want to assume there was no problem grabbing a reservation.

From there, the night became even more sparkling and glamorous. Upon arrival at the New York Public Library’s flagship, guests were greeted by a staircase with a high hat. Inside, a bright light room filled with clear balloons set the stage for a night of dancing, music and toasts by David’s siblings Dylan and Andrew. Jon Batiste even showed up with his melodica and band in tow to pump up the audience and wish David happy birthday.

Ever the muted couple, you will not see any snaps on David or his wife Lauren’s Instagrams. But don’t worry, we dug a little to give you an insight!

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