Ethan Carter credits the power of a dying mother’s love for being allowed to fly to WA to see her

A man who was locked out of WA has credited “the power of a mother’s love” for being allowed to enter the state to see his dying mother.

Ethan Carter landed in Sydney on Monday morning and flew in from Los Angeles as part of the first international flights allowed into Australia after an 18-month break due to COVID.

Upon arrival, Mr Carter was interviewed by Channel 7’s Sunrise and told of his heartache at not being able to see his sick mother in WA.

Through tears, he revealed that he had not seen her for two years and begged Prime Minister Mark McGowan to lock him into WA, which has a strict border with NSW.

Monday night, Police Commissioner Chris Dawson responded to Mr. Carter’s emotional prayer in an eleven-hour adjournment.

Tuesday morning in an interview with Sunrise, Mr Carter said he was grateful to have his wish fulfilled.

“I was just looking at my phone with a QR code in disbelief and started calling my sister and just sending messages to people, ‘I can’t believe it, it’s just taken a U-turn,'” he said.

“I have to go back to Perth and quarantine and hopefully get to see Mom.”

Ethan Carter speaks to the media after landing at Sydney airport on Monday morning.
Camera iconEthan Carter speaks to the media after landing at Sydney airport on Monday morning. Credit: Unknown/Sunrise

Carter said he had not spoken to his mother, who had had a stroke, but he was really excited to give her the news.

“I’m not able to just reach my mother anytime right now … I have to wait until I get to Perth and have a specific time to talk to my mother when there are people there. to help her, “he said.

“But I’m really excited to give her the news, and I’m sure when she knows I’m just a stone’s throw from her, it’s going to be phenomenal. I’m really, really excited.”

Carter also had a message for Mr McGowan.


Ethan Carter gave WA border pass to see dying mother

Mr. Carter asks Mark McGowan to lock him in WA

“First of all, I want to say thank you … to a number of people who worked so hard yesterday … understanding how important it is for my mother to see me,” he said.

“It’s probably the power of a mother’s love.

“Hopefully this inspires other people and influences other people, and tells them that there is a way people can get together and that the (WA) government is looking forward to restructuring their timeline as to when they can ease the restrictions to allow people to come home to their families sooner. “

Sir. Carter left Sydney on Tuesday morning and on arrival in Perth he will have to go into hotel quarantine for 14 days.


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