Five new craft beers from Toronto to try in November

Local breweries serve autumn specialties

With the weather getting a little colder and the nights noticeably intrusive during the day, Toronto’s breweries are at the forefront of a seasonal shift toward darker beers that will see us surrounded by porters and stouts before Christmas. The good news is that there is still time for fall specials and projects that have taken years to pay off.

Halo Wild Construct: Prelude

One of Halo’s operating principles is that all their recipes must be open source. For the first time, they have abandoned that concept with their Wild Construct series – possibly based on the assumption that you do not own a French oak punch and are not willing to spend two years on a batch of home brew. Prelude is a golden ale mixed from three different barrels and fermented on fresh Niagara Peaches. Expect a moussy, champagne-like carbonation, vibrant stone fruit aromas and a delicate farm character on top of a rounded oak body.

$ 15/500 ml. Get it at Halo Brewery (247 Wallace, Free shipping in Ontario for orders of $ 80 or more.

Left Field Outstanding Pub Ale

While Left Fields offerings have diversified significantly to seltzers, feed-old seasons, and hazy IPAs, they still provide time for basic styles. When they do, they tend to excel at them. Outstanding Pub Ale is brewed to celebrate the 2021 class of inmates for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. At 4.1 percent, it’s something like a traditional English golden ale with notes of biscuits, jam and caramel. You may not know BABIP from bibimbap, but you will almost certainly find that this lives up to its name.

9.73 USD / 4 x 355 ml. Get it at Left Field Brewery (36 Wagstaff, Free shipping on orders over $ 45.

Granite Brewery Darkside IPA

Stylistic trends come and go in craft beers, but the best versions of a particular style tend to stick. Such is the case with the newly reintroduced Darkside IPA from Granite Brewery. Back in 2011, when Cascadian Dark Ales roamed the earth, people were trying to find a balance between hop bitterness and malt roast. Brewer Mary Beth Keefe has long since achieved that balance. Approximately despite its 7 percent ABV and 70 IBU, you will be converted to Darkside in no time.

$ 4.75 / 473 ml. Get it at Granite Brewery (245 Eglinton East, Free shipping over $ 50 within certain Toronto zip codes.

Blood Brothers Werecat

The extreme diversity of the product range at Blood Brothers Brewing sometimes results in quirks. Take Werecat as an example. A sour Brown Ale or Roodbruin in Belgian style made with a generous amount of caramel malt and aged on bourbon casks. What could be deeply sour is redeemed by oak vanilla and rich caramel and tobacco in the middle of the palate. The most important thing to say about Werecat is that it is a beer of 8.7 percent that drinks as if it is about 4.5 percent. Trick or treat.

$ 14/500 ml. Get it at Blood Brothers Brewing (165 Geary, bloodbrothersbrewing.comLocal delivery same / next day free over $ 50.

Folkets Pint El Chupacabra

Inspired by the cuisine of Oaxaca and cryptozoological research alike, People’s Pint has brought El Chupacabra back to yet another season of goat-sucking goodness. With all the rich dried fruit, toasted chocolate and coffee notes you would expect from a Porter, brewer Pietro Caira has built up the flavor profile with the warmth of cinnamon and the gentle fruitiness and smoke of ancho chili. El Chupacabra will tickle your senses, but keep it away from pets.

$ 4.50 / 473 ml. Get it from People’s Pint Brewing Company (90 Cawthra, Unit 101. Free local delivery over $ 40.


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