Four people were seriously injured in the balcony collapse of Ottawa Centretown

OTTAWA – Four people were seriously injured when an apartment balcony collapsed in Ottawa’s Centretown neighborhood on Halloween night.

Emergency crews responded to a three-story apartment building on Frank Street, between Elgin Street and Metcalfe Street, just before 10pm on Sunday.

The Ottawa fire says the balcony on the second floor collapsed while several people stood on it.

“Upon arrival, firefighters worked to secure the site and risk a fall,” the Ottawa fire said in a news release.

Ambulances said they assessed seven people at the scene. Four people, all in their 20s, were rushed to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

The patients’ injuries were:

  • A man in his late 20s suffered a fracture of his lower extremities

  • A man in his late 20s suffered injuries to his chest and upper extremities

  • A woman in her late 20s had back and lower extremity pain

  • A woman in her mid-20s suffered chest injuries

Ottawa balcony collapse

Three more patients were treated at the scene of injuries but refused transportation to the emergency room, paramedics said.

Pictures showed the left side of the balcony on the second floor hanging from the building after the collapse, while the balcony on the first floor was no longer attached to the building. The collapsed balcony was removed from the building shortly before 11 p.m.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation.

This is a development story. CTV News Ottawa will have the latest when it becomes available.


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