GAY owner gives Manchester branch away after ‘battle’ with mental health

The owner of the GAY bars has announced that he is giving Manchester venue to its current manager.

He took to social media last Thursday (October 28) to confirm the news, adding that he had been struggling with his mental health since the pandemic.

A long Instagram post confirmed that site manager Lee Kellow will take over as owner of the popular nightclub in Manchester’s Gay Village.

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He has franchised the northern venue and is now working on plans for the future of London bars.

It was a decision he says he has been working on for the past 9 months after deciding he ‘had to make changes’ in his life.

Statement by Jeremy Joseph, GAY owner
Statement by Jeremy Joseph, GAY owner

The statement, which had nearly 800 likes on Instagram, said: “I have always wanted a GAY place in Manchester, it is a city I have always loved and when we finally opened on Canal Street it was a dream come true.

“The opportunity to sell GAY venues has been there, but I was not sure that was what I really wanted.

“It’s strange how the pandemic has changed goals, dreams and ambitions.

“Since the pandemic, I have not even been on a train and I knew I could not give Manchester the attention it needed.

“I do not know what the future holds for me,” he continued, “but the first step was to protect the future of GAY Manchester.”

He went on to add that he has known the current manager Lee ‘for many years’ and has given him the franchise site.

Comments about support poured in, including from Rupaul’s Drag Race stars Shangela and Brooklyn Hytes.

The popular venue first opened its doors in 2011
The popular venue first opened its doors in 2011

Singer Alexandra Burke and TV personality Denise Van Outen also shared their support and commented on love hearts on the post.

The GAY bar on Canal Street is a popular spot for club goers in the city and is open daily until

It first opened in April 2011 following the success of its London bars GAY and GAY Late.

The GAY Ltd brand is currently 100 percent owned by Jeremy Joseph.

And he went on to suggest that more decisions could be on the cards for his London clubs, saying: “I now have to think what I want for myself and the venues in London.”

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