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The latest pair of headphones from the Apple-owned Beats brand takes what works on a few generations of headphones and mixes the difference.

After reviewing Beats Studio Bud’s in-earphones yesterday, we woke up to a bit of a surprise: there’s another generation of Beats’ pint-sized earphones with noise reduction on board, and they could be better.

This week, the Apple-owned Beats announced that a new pair of headphones was on the way, and one that corrected some of the issues in Beats Studio, essentially blending that headphone with Apple’s AirPods Pro and finding a way to make a noise reduction headphones really interesting.

There are certainly many noise reduction options out there, but we are not sure if there has been a fitness-focused option in the high-end.

The new headphone is Beats Fit Pro, what seems to be a change from Beats’ regular fitness cornerstone in Powerbeats: While Powerbeats Pro was an open ear hook-style earphone, Beats Fit Pro adopts a noise-canceling earphone-style design with a wingtip to hold the ear comfortably while the earphone does the job of sealing. It’s a design that is not out of what we’ve seen from Bose’s QC Buds, but comes with technology from Apple and Beats, and this is where it can stand out from the earphone package.

When it arrives with a custom new inside to deliver Beats’ ranking and tuning (which these days is much more balanced than it used to be), it also smokes up Apple’s H1 chip, giving the iPhone and Mac users the ability to jump from device to device with ease automatically, something that was missing in Beats Studio Buds.

Beats has also packed in active noise reduction support with one that sounds a lot like the model from the Beats Studio 3 headphones, adjusts the cancellation up to 200 times per second, as well as a mode straight out of the AirPods 3rd gen, with Adaptive EQ, measurement of the sound and changing the sound based on what you hear. Granted, the Adaptive EQ only works when noise reduction is turned off, and even when the included transparency mode is turned off, apparently depending on the microphones to handle its automatic equalizer when nothing else is using them.

You’ll also find support for the spatial head-tracking of Dolby Atmos in Apple Music here, a technology we haven’t seen from Apple’s own branded headphones to date. Apple owner Beats, so the move here is not a major shift, but it marks the first time that a non-Apple brand has received this technology.

The new headphones come with an IPX4 sweat resistance rating as well as a skin sensor, as do the latest AirPods, which pack up to six hours of battery life with ANC on and up to 21 hours more in the case, plus Android support via the Beats app.

Beats Fit Pro also works with Android devices.

“Beats Fit Pro delivers remarkable innovation in fit and features, making it Beats’ best-sounding and most advanced product to date,” said Oliver Schusser, Vice President of Beats and Apple Music at Apple.

“With spatial sound and dynamic head tracking, the Beats Fit Pro delivers a truly immersive listening experience,” he said. “At this price point, it sets a new standard for premium earphones.”

One thing we do not have is a price in Australia. Across the U.S., where the announcement has been made, Beats Fit Pro looks like they’re focused on competing and possibly undercutting AirPods Pro, priced at $ 199 USD versus the AirPods Pro price of $ 249 in the states. That could indicate a local Australian price tag closer to $ 299 when launched locally, undercutting the $ 399 AirPods Pro in Australia, though we do not know until they are official for the country.

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