Halloween candy sewing needles prompt Ohio police to urge parents to check their children’s candy

Sweets were found to have been tampered with after a city-wide trick-or-treat Saturday night, Fostoria Police said in a statement Sunday.

“Even though we are only aware that 2 pieces of candy are involved, we take this seriously and are appalled that someone would be so demented that they would hurt children in our community,” said Chief Keith Loreno.

Police said it is unclear on which street the child got candy, but they warn everyone to check their child’s bags.

A local hospital, ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital, offered to provide x-rays of any candy handed out during the event, using a portable x-ray machine, from Monday, police said.

A short story about poisoned Halloween so panic

In photos of the spotted candy that police are sharing, part of a Kit Kat bar is broken off, revealing a needle inside. Another picture shows a bag of Sour Patch Kids with a small hole on the side.

Fostoria Police called the finding “disturbing” in a Facebook post, and they are looking for the person responsible.

Although events like this are scary, University of Delaware professor Joel Best, who has been tracking manipulated Halloween candy since 1958, told CNN that it is not common.

“I can find no evidence that any child has ever been killed or seriously injured by a contaminated treat that has been collected during trick-or-treating,” Best said.

“While there are reports of contaminated treats, I know of only two attempts to investigate reports of contaminated treats; both concluded that most were scams.”


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