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At Home and Away spoilers follow for Australian and British viewers.

At Home and AwayMia Anderson and Ari Parata will soon be hit by another setback as a new arrival in Summer Bay turns out to be a very unwelcome explosion from Mia’s past.

TV week reports that Mia (Anna Samson) and her daughter Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) are returning home from a weekend together and feeling closer than ever before in scenes airing in Australia this week.

But what Chloe does not know is that Mia is about to start hiding a big secret from her because Chloe’s father Matthew (played by James Sweeny) has arrived at the bay and he wants to meet the child he never knew he had.

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Mia is horrified to see Matthew, especially as he threatens to ruin her life if she does not help him get to know his daughter.

“Mia is in complete shock that the past has reappeared in Summer Bay,” Anna said TV week. “This is a man she thought she had left for good, and with good reason. She finds the thought that he is in their lives, scary. She could not be more against the idea.”

Meanwhile, Chloe already has enough on her mind as her ex-boyfriend Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) and the new Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) continue to fight for her love. She ends up getting caught up in yet another of the couple’s fights this week as Theo teases Mia and her boyfriend Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) about Chloe before popping up on her doorstep.

While Chloe remains distracted by Ryder and Theo, Mia discovers that Matthew is leaving the gym and she goes over to confront him and demands that he leave the bay forever. She insists that her daughter has no interest in ever meeting him – but in her anger she accidentally reveals Chloe’s name to Matthew. After their confrontation, Matthew agrees to leave.

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But before he gets out, Matthew Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) hears Chloe’s name, and then he sees his daughter for the first time.

Unaware of the situation and thinking she is helpful, Irene Matthew hands one of Chloe’s cards with all her contact information on it. Armed with the information, Matthew is soon more determined than ever to get to know his daughter.

However, Mia has none of this and tries her best to get Matthew to go.

“Mia doesn’t like or trust Matthew,” Anna said. “She knew it was for the best that he was not a part of her or her daughter’s life.”

mia anderson and ari parata at home and away

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Mia confronts Matthew and declares that she did not give her consent the night Chloe was conceived, and if he tries to get involved in their lives now, she will make sure everyone knows the truth.

Will Matthew be persuaded to leave before Chloe finds out what’s going on?

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