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Glenn Youngkin can ride a wave of “white setbacks” all the way to the Virginia governor’s mansion, said a leading polling expert in the state as the Republican led the former governor Terry McAuliffe into election day.

Asked why education was a key factor in Youngkins’ stronger-than-expected performance in a state recently dominated by Democrats, Larry Saturday from the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia said, “One of the candidates decided it was his ticket to the governor’s mansion, and he may well be right.”

Speaking to MSNBCSabato pointed to the core of Youngkin’s appeal for education: a promise to ban critical race theory in schools. Critical race theory, or CRT, is an academic discipline that examines the ways in which racism works in American laws and societies. It is not taught in Virginia schools, despite Youngkin’s promise to ban it.

“The operative word is not critical,” Sabato said. “And it’s not theory. It’s race. What a shock, huh? Race. That’s what matters. And therefore it’s sticks.

“There is a lot we can call it white backlash, white resistance, whatever you want to call it. It has to do with race. And then we live in a post-factual era… It does not matter [CRT] not taught in Virginia schools. It is this generalized attitude that whites are being inflicted on, and we need to do something about it. We are white voters. “


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