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If you’ve ever had the experience of trying to glue false eyelashes on before heading off to an event, you know how fucking stressful it can be.

Of course, one eyelash continues like a dream. It aligns perfectly on your lash line and will make you feel like a goddess. While the other is a literal nightmare (especially if you already have a pre-drink or two under your belt). You have glue so far up in the eyelid that you think it will be glued open forever, the inner corner just won’t stay down and you start to regret your decision to use eyelashes at all. Well, my wildly amazing friends, magnetic eyelashes are here to change all our lash-loving lives.

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are just like regular false eyelashes the way they adhere to the lash line / eyelid is completely glue-free. If it is a set of two lash strips, one goes under your natural lashes while another goes along the top and they stick together. The second style is a combination of magnetic lashes and liner. In this case, the bottom of the lash strips has tiny magnets along the bottom that stick to the magnetic eyeliner.

Both styles are easy to apply, even easier to remove and will not get crooked while wearing them (IYKYK). Plus, they save you all that time (and heartache) in the bathroom.

Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe for Your Eyes?

While magnetic lashes are an excellent option for special occasions, we would recommend limiting your spending to just that. Some styles of magnetic eyelashes are basically paired with your natural lashes, so there is potential for damage and alopecia if you use them consistently (and pull them the wrong way when you are drunk). That said, the magnetic eyeliner version is a safer option as the lash clings to the eyelid itself so it should not damage your natural lashes.

How to apply magnetic eyelashes?

If you apply magnetic lashes with a magnetic liner, you line your eyelids as you normally would. Then use tweezers or an applicator and gently lower the lash onto the eyeliner. Once you are happy with its position, just gently push it into place. To remove, start in the outer corner of the eye, gently lift the lash up and away from the lash line. Once the lash is removed, wipe your magnetic eyeliner with a soft, eye-safe micellar water or eye makeup remover.

When applying the two magnetic strips, we suggest that you place the upper lashes first according to the natural shape of your lash line. When you are happy with the position, gently slide the bottom strip up to meet it. To remove them again, start in the outer corner of the eye, gently grasp each of the upper and lower lashes and gently pull them apart and away from your natural lashes.

It sounds a lot easier than gluing the damn stuff on, huh ?!

To help you on your new lash journey, we have put together some of the best magnetic lash kits on the internet so you can try it out before your next night. Goodbye, friends!

Shop the best magnetic lashes with eyeliner

Venus Visage upgraded magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit

magnetic lashes

Venus Visage Upgraded Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelash Set, $ 23.99

There is a reason why Venus Visage magnetic lashes have so many 5-star reviews. The lash and liner set comes with five different styles of lashes, from natural to large and whispy. Each set of lashes has five strong magnets attached, so your lashes are kept in place even on your biggest evenings. However, one of the best features is that they can be reused, so if you are looking for a cost effective option then this is it.

Brightup magnetic eyelash eyeliner set

Brightup Magnetic Eyelash Eyeliner Set, $ 98.60

Another good lash set is this from Brightup. While it may seem like it’s on the more expensive side, it comes with six different pairs of reusable lashes in three different styles (natural, festive and everyday), as well as a dirt-free eyeliner for easy application. They have collected a lot of 5 star reviews on Amazon and users may agree that they take less than 5 minutes to apply and are easy enough for beginners.

Shop the best magnetic eyelashes with double strips

Ardell double magnetic lashes

Ardell double magnetic lashes, $ 12.95

Okay, if we are honest, these look like they would be a little harder to master than the combination of lashes and liner. That said, once you get the hang of it, they will be your new go-to’s. Goodbye, goodbye glue! These shorter lashes are perfect when you need to create an everyday makeup look. They are super light and comfortable enough to wear all day and out at night.

Ardell magnetic lashes with accentmagnetic lashes

Ardell Magnetic Accent Lashes, $ 23.12

if you are looking for a set with a little more oomph, these lashes from Ardell are light volume and medium length that will stick nicely on your ends for a more dramatic look. The lashes are pre-cut and have a curved band that allows you to create a perfect, contoured fit every time.

Sodial magnetic lashes

magnetic lashes

Sodial magnetic lashes, $ 18.29

Instead of applying your lashes with your fingers, these Sodial lashes come with a smart little tool that puts them in place for you. All you have to do is attach the lashes, cut them over your lashes and release them. The two-in-one tool also works to lift and curl the lash at the same time, halving your entire eye routine.

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