Isolate UK protesters arrested after gluing hands to a busy road near Manchester Airport

Environmentalists sticking their hands to the road have been arrested during a demonstration on a busy stretch near Manchester Airport.

Protesters waving Insulate Britain banners blocked traffic and stuck to the road surface on Tuesday morning (November 2).

The group of activists, all dressed in orange vests with high visibility, positioned themselves on the roadway near exit 6 on the M56.

SUMMARY:Isolate UK protest blocks highway near Manchester Airport – live updates

A protester said the action was aimed at getting the British government to notice the climate crisis.

The police say that 11 people were arrested under the protest, which was terminated around 13 o’clock after four hours.

Greater Manchester Police said the ‘majority’ of protesters had stuck to the road and were removed by officers and detained on suspicion of causing danger to road users (section 22a of the Road Traffic Act).

A woman has been detained by police

The disturbance started around kl. 9, where protesters gathered with banners and blocked traffic by standing on the road.

They then sat down on the roadway while several glued their hands to the asphalt.

In scenes filmed by Manchester Evening News, a protester appeared to be handcuffed and was carried away by police officers around 11.20am.

Officers then continued to use solvent to loosen the hands of those protesting from the road.

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Several people were then carried or escorted from the scene by police.

Officers say routes to the nearby highway and airport were not blocked during the demonstration.

They thanked motorists for their patience ‘despite their understandable frustration’.

Greater Manchester Police tweeted: “A total of 11 people have now been arrested.

Protesters glued to the roadway

“The majority of the protesters had stuck to the road before they were later removed by officers and detained on suspicion of having caused danger to road users (section 22a of the Traffic Act).

“Disruptions were kept to a minimum as officers ensured that routes to the nearby motorway and airport were not blocked and all roads in the area have now returned to normal.

“We thank the public for their cooperation despite their understandable frustration.”

One person told MEN that the protest was aimed at highlighting perceived government mistakes with regard to climate change.

They said “We are here because the government is failing to recognize the greatest threat to humanity that we have ever faced.”

When the protester called Prime Minister Boris Johnson a ‘traitor’, he added: “He is endangering the lives of every single person in this country.”

The activist said Insulate Britain wants all social housing in the UK to be completely isolated by 2025.

11 arrests were made

“And we want all homes to have a completely low-carbon retrofit by 2030,” he said.

“This is recommended by the government’s own committee on climate change, and it is one of the easiest and most cost – effective ways to reduce emissions.

“But it also creates hundreds of thousands of jobs and brings people out of fuel poverty.”

The protester apologized for the disturbance, but said: “We are really sorry to have to do this, but this is about many years of government failure.

“The situation is really desperate when you look at climate science.

“I do not think we are causing a huge amount of disruption from where we are.”


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