Joe Biden’s bulletproof limousine ‘the beast’ stops at Edinburgh petrol station and shocks locals

Joe Biden’s presidential limousine has been seen filling up at a petrol station in Edinburgh.

The US leader landed in the capital this week on Air Force One, as the world’s eyes turned to Glasgow’s climate conference Cop26 – and gave a keynote speech yesterday.

But Edinburgh Live reports that the president will stay in Edinburgh during his stay, where his bulletproof limousine will be refueled at the station.

The 'beast' was seen at the gas station
The ‘beast’ was seen at the gas station

A massive 20-car procession was seen on its way from the airport to Glasgow on Monday, locals were shocked to see the president’s car, known as the Beast, later parked at a BP Sighthill gas station.

The bite has come under fire for the irony in his massive 20 vehicles traveling to a climate conference.

President Biden is said to live at the Dalmahoy Hotel on the outskirts of the city, which is surrounded by a large golf course and has close transport links to both Glasgow and Edinburgh Airport.

An insider told Edinburgh Live how the wine cellar, which usually holds hundreds of top bottles, has been temporarily converted into a makeshift nerve center that allows agents to monitor activity on the grounds and surrounding areas.


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