Kelly Dodd and husband Rick Leventhal under fire for wearing rust-inspired Alec Baldwin costume for Halloween

Controversial reality TV star Kelly Dodd and her reporter, Rick Leventhal, have come under fire for their Halloween costumes.

A photo that the former Fox News correspondent shared on Instagram yesterday showed Dodd – an ax Real housewives in Orange County star – pays tribute to her Native American roots while dressing as Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust for Halloween.

“Kelly was celebrating his Native American heritage, and I was celebrating the great American film actor Alec Baldwin #happyhalloween,” the 61-year-old wrote two photos, one of which shows 46-year-old Dodd holding the gun to his head.

Kelly Dodd and husband Rick Leventhal under fire for wearing rust-inspired Alec Baldwin costumes for Halloween
Kelly Dodd and husband Rick Leventhal described as ‘disrespectful’ to Halloween costumes. (Instagram)

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The costume was clearly inspired by the tragic events that took place on the New Mexico set Rust last month, when Baldwin unknowingly fired a pistol filled with sharp ammunition, which subsequently killed film photographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza.

The internet was not impressed with Leventhal and Dodd’s costumes, with many social media users expressing their disgust online.

Halyna Hutchins and Alec Baldwin
Halyna Hutchins and Alec Baldwin (Getty Images via CNN)

Another user was just as skeptical, writing, “I always defend you both, but it’s hard to dress up as Alec funny when a young woman’s life was shortened and a young boy is now without his mother.” And another commenter wrote: “A terrible thing happened on the set and you think Halloween is the time to show such disrespect.”

Leventhal – who left Fox News in June after more than two decades on the network – has since defended their choice of outfit.

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“In two have no class. Yours [sic] perfect for each other, “one Instagram user wrote, while another said,” So disappointed with the Alex Baldwin comment. It was not his fault and a family lost their mother and wife. So disrespectful. “

Kelly Dodd and husband Rick Leventhal under fire for wearing rust-inspired Alec Baldwin costumes for Halloween
A picture showed Kelly Dodd holding a gun to her head. (Instagram)

“I was in no way trying to offend anyone except Alec Baldwin. He’s a fool and deserves all the warmth he gets,” he said, as reported by TMZ.

“If Baldwin is anti-gun, why does he wave them around in movies and point them at people and hit the trigger? Focus your anger on him and the hypocrisy in that industry.”

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His wife of one year, Dodd, is no stranger to controversy. She was unpretentiously fired RHOC back in June, leaving her “blind-sided”.

“I said, ‘Well why? Was it political?’ and he said, ‘No. Bravo would take a different direction than you,’ she recalled as she was a guest on SiriusXMs Jeff Lewis Live at the time.

“Listen, in the end I was fired because of myself. I’m the one who got myself fired. I was like Howard Stern with WNBC. I got the leaders to call me … I raped them a lot. grief. I caused them a lot of trouble. “

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