Kelowna nursing home outbreak one of ‘most challenging’ in BC – Kelowna News

Eruptions pose a challenge

A coronavirus outbreak at a nursing home in Kelowna is one of the province’s “most challenging”, according to the province’s health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

The outbreak at Cottonwoods Care Center, which was declared back on August 4, has now resulted in 70 cases (55 residents and 15 employees) and 17 deaths.

When asked about the outbreak on Monday, Dr. Henry that it was declared when the Kelowna area experienced elevated cases.

“It spread to that nursing home, and it’s been a very difficult outbreak,” she said.

This is the second outbreak in Cottonwoods. Last spring, 26 residents and three employees contracted the virus, and two residents died before the outbreak was declared over on May 4th.

Dr. Henry says most residents of Cottonwoods are fully vaccinated and booster doses have been offered to those who are eligible.

But the size of the facility and the turnover of residents mean there have been “a number” of unvaccinated patients relocated to Cottonwoods.

Staff vaccination rates “were not at a high enough level” before the province enforced its mandate, she added.

The fact that the rooms at Cottonwoods contain multiple beds has made the eruption “one of the most challenging” to control in BC.

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