Mendelson denies hearings for ‘Mean Spirited’ DC Arts Commissioners

Natalie Hopkinson apparently did not behave properly, so now she may not serve on the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities anymore. The Howard University professor and co-founder of the #DontMuteDC movement has been waiting since May for a hearing on her nomination for the commission, which manages a nearly $ 40 million budget. DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson have exclusive competence to plan such a consultation. And he refuses to do so.

In the six months Hopkinson has been waiting, she has not been pale for calling shit.

She and Mendelson have swapped blows in government documents, news articles and medium-sized posts. Mendelson has referred to a “mess” in the commission, and although he has not called Hopkinson by name, he has noticed that the problems he sees seemed to arise right around the time she joined the commission. “The issue is more likely to be about personalities than material issues,” Mendelson said in a June report confirming the DCCAH Chair. Reggie Van Lee.

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