New York is experiencing a drop in the admission rate for the law degree, as a famous test taker finds out

For those who took the law degree in New York in July 2021, the wait is over – they now know if they have passed the license right to passage. Kudos to all those who are going into the subject, but that is far from all good news.

The overall pass rate for the July 2019 exam (everyone pretty much agrees to take a mulligan in 2020) was 65 percent, but in this iteration, it was only 63 percent. There were differences in the two exams as 2019 was personal and the 2021 test was given online due to the continuing pandemic. But the New York Board of Bar Examiners has a theory as to why the review rate got a hit:

In total, the board examined 9,227 candidates, including U.S. domestic graduates, foreign-educated graduates, first-time graduates, and repeat graduates, during the July exams. Of these graduates, 5,791 consisted of a total pass rate of 63%, which is 2% lower than the total pass rate at the exam in July 2019. The lower total pass rate can largely be attributed to the higher percentage of repeaters in this year’s pool of candidates (25 %) compared to the exam in July 2019 (21%).

But at least one famous first-time test participant reportedly failed his law degree:

That’s right, Japanese Princess Mako’s husband Kei Komuro, a newly trained Fordham Law, reportedly passed the bar. There are some common problems right there.

Seriously, given the out of control pressure and scrutiny that Komuro has received from the Japanese press, is this much of a surprise? Princess Mako and Komuro’s relationship has been under a microscope, and the press has lost their shit over the princess’ decision to marry an ordinary man. Hell, Princess Mako has PTSD all over the situation, so maybe dismiss Komuro’s test skills. Meanwhile, Komuro will work at Lowenstein Sandler and is expected to take the bar again.

But congratulations to those who passed the NY bar exam.

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