NHS staff help build new mental health centers in south London

NHS staff recently tried their hand as bricks in the midst of construction work on two new mental health facilities to open in south-west London next year.

The future ‘Springfield Village’, now under construction, is ready to open at Springfield Hospital in Tooting in a year’s time (autumn 2022) and will feature two very welcome new mental health facilities.

The NHS’s southwest CCG said the ‘Trinity’ and ‘Shaftesbury’ buildings in Springfield, which are to be part of St George’s NHS Trust, will house a range of mental health services that will support people ‘across the region’ amid growing demand after mental health support.

The names of the buildings were decided earlier this year as part of a community name competition, and members of the Trust pharmacy and forensic team submitted the winning entries.

Trust pharmacist Abz Salama, who attended the event and chose the name Trinity, said: “It was a pleasure to put some of the latest bricks into our new mental health facilities with our construction partners. I’m really looking forward to moving into our new home. , and we are excited about what that means, not just for our teams, but for the care we provide to our patients and service users. ”

This is the local London:

The facilities will help support what the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has documented as an increasing number of people in the UK living with mental health issues.

For example, an ONS report published in May said that an estimated one in five adults said they experienced some form of depression during the coronavirus pandemic, a rate that has doubled since the pre-pandemic.

The State Bureau of Statistics also found in another report from May 2021 that “due to restrictions and changes in the use of health services” residents of the UK “did not necessarily seek medical help”, with the number of depression diagnoses alone falling from 1,131,804 in 2019 to 863,578 (a decrease of 24 percent).

Therefore, NHS staff working in the area will hope that the new facilities can help tackle issues such as those highlighted by the ONS earlier this year.

This is the local London:

Those who helped with their construction were given a brief training session in bricklaying by contractors Sir Robert McApline.

St George’s NHS Trust said they would provide the “most modern mental health care in the country … give people the best chance to recover in the best environment and support Trust staff to provide exceptional care.”

Ian Garlington, director of the Trust’s Integrated Program, added: “We are delighted to see our new facilities take shape and have the opportunity for our teams to add some of the finishing touches. With just one year left to Trinity and Shaftesbury open, we will celebrate the hard work of our partners, staff, service users and patients who have helped shape all aspects of their development.We are proud to be a leader in breaking stigma by developing facilities that will sit in the heart of our Springfield Village, along with a stunning new 32-acre park that supports the health and well-being of our entire community. ”

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