PlayStation 5 CMOS battery issues have been completely resolved, with one exception

The PlayStation 5 CMOS battery issues that prevented a console from launching selected physical games, and all digital titles have been fixed, with only one exception.

A new video shared on YouTube by Hikikomori Media confirms that a PlayStation 5 console can now run every PS5 and PS4 game even with a missing CMOS battery, with the exception of PlayStation Plus games, which still do not work.

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Today, Hikiko explores the internal features of PlayStation 5 to find out if the game console has DRM that could potentially lock players out of their purchased titles!

This is a continuation of my study of CBOMB DRM found in PlayStation Consoles.

PlayStation consoles’ CMOS battery issues came to light earlier this year when it was revealed that they would not run games with a dead battery. The issue was particularly important for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for obvious reasons, so it’s nice to hear that Sony took care of the issue. With the issue resolved on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 3 console is the only one still suffering from these issues

A major cause for concern is the effect the problem has on digital titles. As said without
battery and an internet connection, all digital titles stopped working. While this is a bad thing for all PS5 owners, it is especially worrying for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition owners. This console has no ability to play physical media at all, making the final expiration of all purchases made on the console unavoidable and unavoidable. Unless Sony fixes the problem, it’s simply a matter of time before all digital purchases stop working.

More information about the now resolved PlayStation 5 CMOS battery issues can be found here.

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