PNR RailWorks Improves Toronto’s rail network through Metrolinx partnership

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PNR RailWorks’ Metrolinx inspection and maintenance program involves daily routine inspections of tracks and signaling and communication systems.

PNR RailWorks, Canada’s largest and most experienced provider of rail infrastructure solutions, is making an impact on Greater Toronto’s rail transport network through its long-standing partnership with Metrolinx. For more than 10 years, PNR has provided track and transit services for Metrolinx, Ontario’s leading transportation authority.

The basis of the PNR-Metrolinx partnership is a continuous inspection and maintenance program. Along 520 km of tracks and 7 corridors, PNR crews perform daily routine inspections and maintenance services with a focus on tracks and signals and communication. By identifying and repairing problems along the route, the PNR team aims to solve problems that could lead to malfunctions, delays or worse – accidents.

“The number one goal of this inspection and maintenance partnership is to create a safe and effective experience for Metrolinx’s 64 million riders,” said Joe Fenech, Vice President of Client Services at PNR RailWorks. “Metrolinx is expanding its network, which means more growth and new opportunities for PNR RailWorks. At any given time, we have 300 team members on this project who identify potential issues and upgrade the track and signaling systems. “

As with any project, PNR’s number one focus is on Metrolinx’s maintenance program security.

“Safety is embedded in every team member and project at PNR RailWorks,” Fenech said. “That’s the basis of our relationship with Metrolinx, because they trust us to get the job done on time and without security incidents.”

In the heart of downtown Toronto at Union Station – the largest and busiest rail passenger facility in Canada – PNR RailWorks ‘Signals & Communications Division is carrying out work on the Metrolinx’ Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) project. The scope of PNR’s work includes the replacement of the old 1920s system with modern equipment, including all signals, track circuits and cables in the USRC, as well as the installation, testing and commissioning of all new solid state locking and control equipment. The upgrades will enable Metrolinx to control all train operations via a high-tech central control system, and the new system will be able to handle passenger volumes and service patterns for the next 30 years.

“The USRC project is the key to improving and modernizing Toronto’s public transportation system,” said John Brohm, Executive Vice President of PNR RailWorks. “The upgrades to PNR RailWorks will affect the tens of thousands of travelers who pass through the station every day.”

A PNR RailWorks signal maintainer tests the signals on a GO Transit route in Toronto.

At Metrolinx’s Canpa switch factory, located west of downtown Toronto, PNR is working on a major renovation that will trim precious minutes of train travel time for the operator and promises to reduce congestion in one of the busiest and oldest parts of the network. PNR started the upgrade last year and work is expected to continue until 2022. The Canpa switch is particularly important as it keeps GO Transit trains running on the most active line in the network, while also directing trains into the Willowbrook Rail Maintenance Facility, VIA Maintenance Facility, Canpa Spur and more.

PNR RailWorks performs a range of services at the Canpa switch factory, including track removal and construction, signaling work and civil construction.

PNR also served as the Railway Contractor for the Metrolinx / GO Transits Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility (WRMF) project, which recently won the 2020 Canadian Design-Build Institute Design-Build Award of Excellence. PNR installed about 15,000 meters of track in the entire $ 859 million facility, which opened in 2018 to meet Metrolinx / GO Transit’s ongoing expansion and future rider numbers.

“PNR RailWorks is proud to have been a part of this innovative project,” said Arash Barzegar, Vice President of Commercial at PNR RailWorks. “The new facility gives the GO Transit network increased efficiency and contributes to the improved operation of the overall Metrolinx network.”

Construction of $ 859 million Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility, located east of downtown Toronto in Whitby, Ontario. PNR RailWorks acted as railway contractor on the project.

With several projects in the pipeline and the ongoing expansion of the region’s railway network, PNR looks forward to continuing its valuable partnership with Metrolinx.

“PNR RailWorks’ long-standing relationship with Metrolinx is built on trust,” Brohm said. “Since our first project with Metrolinx, they have been confident that we can complete the work safely within the schedule and within budget. We look forward to many more years of continued success working with Metrolinx in the Greater Toronto Area.”

PNR RailWorks provides a complete range of design, communications, rehabilitation and maintenance services for Class I railways, short lines, transit authorities and industrial facilities throughout Canada. Founded in 1961 and part of the RailWorks family of companies, PNR RailWorks recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Visit PNR RailWorks’ website for more information and follow LinkedIn here.

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