Razer’s latest Productivity keyboard and mouse have ‘quiet’ mechanical switches

Many members of the workforce return to the office after more than 18 months of work from home. But people may not be quite ready to give up some of the luxuries they indulged in while enclosed in a private work area. Maybe you’ve got a fancy, but do not want to take it to the office, as the slap can annoy your colleagues.

Maybe with that in mind, have a few new products in the product range that can give you the comfortable tactile typing and clicking feel without annoying those around you. The wireless Pro Type Ultra keyboard and the new Pro Click Mini mouse have “quiet mechanical switches,” which Razer says will offer a quieter experience no matter where you work from.

Razer Pro Type Ultra keyboard.


The keyboard also has damping foam to muffle the sound, and Razer claims that the keys will be good for up to 80 million presses. The fingerprint-resistant key caps have a “soft-touch coating for a luxurious, padded feel,” according to the company. Wrist support also included.

Razer says you get up to 214 hours of use over Bluetooth and up to 207 hours of use via the low-latency Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless connection before recharging the keyboard. You can also use it in wired mode over USB-C. In addition, you will be able to connect up to four devices and switch between them without having to pair them again with a Pro Type Ultra.

If you buy a new keyboard, you may want an associated mouse. As luck would have it, the Pro Click Mouse Pro Type Ultra shares the white, dull design according to Razer standards. You can also pair the mouse (which is not completely silent on the Razer website) with up to four devices.

There are a few scroll wheel modes you can switch between depending on your current task. Free-spin mode is designed to zoom through long documents and web pages, tilt-click is aimed at horizontal scrolling, and tactile mode is centered around more precise scrolling.

Razer Pro Click Mini-mouse


The mouse is valued at up to 15 million clicks. Razer claims that you will get up to 725 hours of battery life over Bluetooth and up to 465 hours via Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless if you use two AA batteries. It is possible to use only one battery if you prefer to reduce the weight. If you decide to take up both the keyboard and the mouse, you can pair them with the same USB dongle to free up a port on your computer.

The new peripherals follow the Pro Type keyboard and the Pro Click mouse Razer. These devices had more muted designs than Razer’s gaming-focused products to help them blend in a little more.

The Pro Click Mini is available now from Razer’s website and other retailers. The Pro Type Ultra keyboard costs, and will be available by the end of the year. Razer also introduced a huge Pro Glide XXL “high density thick rubber foam” mouse pad, which will give you $ 30.

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