Rolling Loud New York, photographed: 2021 Festival Photo Gallery

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Rolling Loud is a sensory overload experience. Whether it’s the flashing lights on stage or the general chaos in the crowd, there’s always a lot to take in. And when it takes place on Halloween weekend, the scene is even more out of control. You will find A-list rappers dressed as Michael Myers on stage, cheered on by monsters (and random pop culture references) in the crowd. It is a festival full of people who want to party and which takes place in a weekend that is suitable for just that.

This year, in addition to publishing a summary of two Complex Music employees (which you can read here), we sent our photographer David Cabrera to capture the sights of Rolling Loud New York 2021. For three days and nights, he brought his camera to the main scenes, backstage and into the pit. Here’s what he brought back.

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