Sandy Creek ‘sovereign citizen’ posts video after failing to appear in court due to firearms offenses

An arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of a woman in the Barossa Valley after the “sovereign citizen” did not appear in court for the second time.

Solange Goodes, 42, was arrested on her farm in Sandy Creek earlier this year after police claim she threatened them when they arrived at the property to check if registered weapons were properly secured.

Ms Goode’s husband, Toby Lockyer, was also charged with two firearms offenses and for obstructing police.

At the time, he said the weapons were legally owned and stored.

Mrs Goodes did not appear in Adelaide Magistrates’ Court this morning.

Her lawyer withdrew from the case, saying he “was no longer able to represent her interests”.

Signage on a wooden fence
Mrs. Goodes claims that her Sandy Creek property is “privately sovereign” land.(ABC News: Eric Tlozek)

Claim “not subject to court”

Mrs Goodes wrote a letter to the court describing her conviction that she had no obligation to appear in court.

“They have taken enough of our lives and we just want to be free to live our lives in peace legally according to the real law of the country here and the honestly informed will of the people, not the cult-distorted and manipulated information that is being pushed out through the mainstream media. and used to defame us, “she said in a YouTube video released Tuesday.

A woman and a man hold black protest signs as they walk on a city street in front of a 19th-century building
Solange Goodes and Toby Lockyer protest against COVID-19 restrictions before their arrests.(Facebook)

Mrs Goodes has previously failed to appear at Elizabeth Magistrates’ Court for failure to comply with directives from the sheriff’s officers.

Instead, she said in her letter Tuesday that she had only been subject to “International Land Law Bora Courts” since Oct. 13.

Mrs. Goodes, who describes herself as an energy coach and positive change creator, leads a group called the People’s Peace Alliance from its rural property.


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