Snakes caught fry in the Queensland family’s air conditioner

Snake catchers had to take a return flight to a Queensland family home Sunday after a massive brown wooden hose decided to take a friend along and explore their air conditioning.

Stu from Sunshine Coast Snakecatchers 24/7 had previously been called out to the property to help catch a brown wooden snake hiding in the air conditioner, but this time he had to tackle two giant ones in the same spot.

“This time they had two snakes in there mating. I went over right away and was able to get the biggest one out, but unfortunately the smaller one snuck through the barriers I made and got back into the walls of the house, “wrote Stu. on Facebook.

Stu from Sunshine Coast Snakecatchers had to return to the family home after a snake brought a friend into the air conditioning unit for a mating session. (Sunshine Coast Snakecatchers 24/7)

Footage shows Stu gently rolling the hose out of the device and placing it in a secure bag.

He said the family will fill the hole with expander foam to prevent the hoses from returning.

Snakes that get into aircons actually happen every now and then and they can be hard to get out.

Although experts say you can minimize the risk of hoses entering your home by securing as many entrances as possible, this is not always possible, especially if you need to use the air conditioner when the weather gets warmer.

Can you see the python hiding in this picture?

If you find a snake in your home, you should leave it alone – especially if there is more than one and they are breeding – and have the contact information of a professional snake catcher on hand.

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