Solea Pfeiffer tips on Broadway debut, reveals favorite comfort food and discusses Hamilton ahead of NYC Solo Show

Solea Pfeiffer is on her way to the center of a special concert performance that will give the audience an insight into the rising star’s career path. You are here: An evening with Solea Pfeiffer runs 4. – 6. November at the Minetta Lane Theater as part of Audible Theaters’ current season.

In the show, Pfeiffer’s solo concert debut in NYC, the Zimbabwe – born performer weaves pieces from his roles in Hamilton, Avoid, and more, and pays tribute to the artists who have inspired her.

Watch a Q&A with the actress below where she hints that her Broadway debut is coming, discussing her routine before the show, revealing her go-to-cast album and more.

How You are here: An evening with Solea Pfeiffer come to?
Solea Pfeiffer: This opportunity actually came as a bit of a surprise! The good people at Audible reached out and asked if I would be interested in doing a show with them, and that was the fastest “yes” ever. I can not really think of a better way to return to the New York scene. Making a solo show in this capacity is something I have always wanted to do and something that has always scared me a bit, making it feel like that is exactly what I should do. This opportunity was the perfect push in a new direction as an artist.

What can theatergoers expect from your show, and will it include your interpretation of “Burn” from Hamilton trip?
SP: They can expect to hear some of their favorite songs, some deep clips and some songs that are brand new. I really share my story and who I am in this show and the journey I have been on to truly discover my identity. I want this show to be a moment for people who may not know where they fit in, to feel seen and celebrated, and hopefully a little less alone. We have all been through many and many changes over the last two years and I would like to take a moment to explore what that means. As for “Burn” … I may or may not have an arrangement created by the incredible Macy Schmidt that I’m insanely excited to bring to New York City.

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In 2019 and 2020, there were star turns Almost famous, Avoid, and Gun and powder– and then the shutdown. How did you maintain that momentum through the pandemic, and what are you most looking forward to in 2022?
To be completely honest, I think the best thing I did for myself was to release the importance of momentum for myself. When it became clear that it would be a long time before anyone was on stage again, I realized that this could be a unique moment to really just … be. I tried hard to allow myself to be quiet and allow myself to really rest. Life as an artist means a lot of hustle and bustle, and in a way it can feel non-stop, and it is imperative to take the time to breathe! I am working to bring what I learned during the quarantine about self-care and boundaries into our new normal. It was hard just to trust that the work I had done until then had not gone unnoticed, but it has become clear that some of it made an impact, which is really overwhelming to me.

In 2022, I look forward to our industry joining forces to create safer and fairer spaces for all. I look forward to seeing new creators come out of this difficult time and tell their stories. I look forward to my Broadway debut! I can not say so much now, but cross my fingers that everything is going as planned and I will be able to shout it from the rooftops next year. And I’m also looking forward to my first movie coming out next year! I have a good feeling around 2022 and I’m just excited to be back in this city that I love so much. I just signed a lease and I’m planning to stay right here.

Who do you play in Tyler Perry’s A jazzman’s blues, out in 2022 on Netflix, and what can you tell us about it?
I’m so, so, so excited about this movie. I can not say much, but I can not wait for the world to see what we created in Georgia last summer. I had a great, transformative time working on this film. I mean, getting to work every day with Tyler, who is such a titan in the entertainment industry, was such a dream come true. It’s a bit of an epic love story, with an insanely talented cast, and I got to play that kind of role that really doesn’t come too often. I’m so proud to have been a part of it.

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Solea Pfeiffer

Marc J. Franklin

What is your routine before the show?
I like getting into the theater very early. I like to ease myself into it. I start steaming for a while while I start warming up. I listen to songs that make me pump up, usually Victoria Monét to really get me in the right headspace. Then I will do some stretching and crunch followed by hitting my face and really warming up. I usually get ready until the last second … a habit I try to break! But when I’m good at time management, I like to try to get in touch with my teammates and maybe get a few giggles before the show starts.

Do you have a party trick you like to show off when you’re off the stage and hanging out with friends?
My elbows are double-headed … but other than that, I do not think there is anything so fat I can do. LAUGH OUT LOUD. And it’s not even fat! Can I split my tongue?

What is your favorite comfort food?
Pad Se Ew. Always frames.

What is your original cast album to listen to?
It may be a cliché, but I do not care: Sunday in the park with George. Always and forever.

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