The first examples of the 2022 Honda Civic hatch arrive in Australia

Honda Australia has confirmed that the first batch of the 11th generation, 2022 Civic hatch vehicles has landed locally, with the manufacturer excited about the official launch of the first new Civic in six years. It is set to hit dealers by the end of 2021.

As usual with the launch of a new Honda Civic, the car faces the monumental task of raising Honda’s already significant bar in terms of design, performance, features, safety and technology.

We were able to report earlier this year that Honda’s styling package has deviated from its predecessor’s sharp, tech-inspired design language, and is now looking for a smoother and cleaner look, as well as the confirmation that the 11th generation Civic will receive an “upgraded” version of Honda 1 , 5-liter turbo VTEC four-cylinder.

Although we have not yet received any official word from Honda about the powertrain’s specifications and output, Honda has confirmed that the 1.5-liter turbocharged VTEC four-cylinder is “updated for more power and torque, faster response, improved fuel efficiency and quieter” Abroad, the outgoing model already pushes out 134kW, which is more than 127kW that we get in Australia. A similar engine is also found in the CR-V, which develops 140 kW. These could provide some clues.

This will be accompanied by a hybrid variant at some point in 2022, however, we have not received any cement details on the petrol-electric variant either. So we will have to wait and see its official launch to know more.

The company has also confirmed that the development process for the latest Civic was undertaken on European roads to improve its handling and steering dynamics as well as ensure a comfortable ride.

This is in addition to the chassis improvements we are already aware of, including a 36 mm extension of the wheelbase and a 19 percent increase in torsional stiffness compared to the outgoing Civic.

Honda says Australian Civics will be produced at their Saitama Factory Yorii car factory in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, rather than Thailand, where a range of Australian-supplied Honda vehicles are produced. Honda Australia said in a statement:

“The wait for the all-new 11th generation Honda Civic is almost over, with a small initial mass of vehicles arriving in Australia last week to begin the countdown to launch. Several shipments of the all-new Civic are scheduled to arrive. in the coming weeks before they officially go on sale at Honda centers around the country before the end of the year. “

Expect to see and hear more details about the 11th generation Civic closer to its official launch at some point before the end of this year.

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