The rescue center’s dogs crouched in corners and threw up during fireworks at City Airport – an animal even had a seizure

A dog rescue center fell into ‘absolute chaos’ during an organized fireworks display.

An animal at Dogs4Rescue, based in Worsley, Salford, is said to have had a seizure due to the noise from the event at the nearby City Airport on Saturday night.

Other panicked dogs were left ‘crouched in corners’ or vomited, according to the center’s founder, Emma Billington.

Ms Billington says the organizers of the event, Illuminated, had been in touch in advance and assured her that the fireworks would be at a “low level”.

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An Illuminated spokesman said it “regretted any distress caused by the fireworks show” and had offered to meet with Dogs4Rescue after the event.

Dogs4Rescue, home to 40 cubs, recently revealed that one of its dogs died of a heart attack after a fireworks display several years ago.

After the 20-minute viewing began Saturday, executives said they feared a repeat.

“I could not believe the noise,” said Mrs. Billington. “Suddenly the foreheads just started.

“It was like a war zone. The dogs were everywhere.

“It was pitch black, and some had jumped six-foot fences to try to get out. Others crouched in corners and were sick. One had a seizure.

The fireworks were held at City Airport in Salford

“One had a seizure.

“It absolutely created chaos. We had to run around after them, but we could not find any of the dogs.

“We did not expect that.”

Dogs4Rescue was founded by Mrs Billington in 2013 with the aim of rehabilitating dogs across Europe and the UK to homes in the Manchester area.

They pride themselves on being a kennel-free environment, instead of allowing their dogs to enjoy a “cage-free” lifestyle where they can train and socialize with the other animals at the rescue.

“These are rescue dogs, some of them have been shot and paralyzed,” Billington said. “We have dogs with epilepsy and others who are blind.

“We take the most abused and difficult dogs and try so hard to make them feel safe and loved.

“It’s meant to be a safe place for them. It’s heartbreaking because this had set them all back.

“It was just incredible that they [the organisers] could have had such an ignorance. “

In a post on its Facebook page after the event, City Airport said it was aware of “some concerns regarding dog welfare” and apologized for “any disturbance caused”.

A spokesman added: “As in previous years, the organizer contacted the Dogs Rescue Organization well in advance of the event and previous measures introduced to minimize distance noise, such as placing the display on the east side of the site and limiting the maximum heights of the designed fireworks were in place this evening.

“However, all feedback will be passed on to the organizer for their continued review and careful consideration of future similar events.”

An Illuminated spokesman added: “Illuminated apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the fireworks display at City Airport.

“This community event has been running since 2014, in 2016 we were made aware of the presence of Dogs4Rescue, and after a meeting with them, we made significant changes to the display to minimize the noise footprint from the show, including moving the location of the fireworks and using reduced noise effects.

“Based on feedback from the 2016 event in subsequent years, we produced hybrid shows where the majority of the traditional fireworks were low level combined with soft bursts and low noise fireworks that remained conscious of the overall noise footprint.

“The design philosophy for this year’s exhibition did not differ from this format. Dogs4Rescue was notified of the event two months earlier.

“Following complaints, we have offered to meet with Dogs4Rescue to discuss the issue, but this was not accepted.”


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