The tracks for Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown LRT are finally finished

Construction of Toronto’s next transit line took a huge leap forward on Monday, with crews completing the final section of the lane to the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, while the 19-mile long transit line runs toward the planned (and long-delayed) opening in 2022.

The last track installation under Eglinton subway station connects the last hole in the line for a full, uninterrupted track connecting Mount Dennis Station in the west to Kennedy Station in the east.

And it was not just a matter of putting the last tracks and bolts everything in place. Metrolinx made an event of the track installation finale with a return to the 1885 celebration of the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railways.

eglinton crosstown lrt

CPR’s Golden Summit Ceremony in 1885 (L) and Crosstown LRT’s Ceremony on November 1, 2021. Photo via Metrolinx.

Like the historic moment in Canadian transportation history 135 years ago (along with the US First Transcontinental Railroad’s trend-setting ceremony in 1869), Eglinton Crosstown’s last section of the track was secured in place with a “golden tip.”

Or in this case a gold-painted clip, as modern LRT tracks do not actually use railway spears.

eglinton crosstown lrt

The “golden tip” is really a gold-painted clip that holds the last part of the track in place. Photo via Metrolinx.

The photo shoot, thinking back to the 19th-century railroad that connected the nation, featured a fancy period costume to set the mood. Crews from Crosslinx Transit Solutions (the contractor building the line) posed for the occasion, where the monumental moment in the construction of the line cemented their place in the history books.

And although we are now much closer to seeing the line in action in 2022, Metrolinx has still not specified an exact date of the Crosstown LRT project’s entry as TTC’s line 5.


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