The transit bus runs red, resulting in a collision with 5 vehicles

Charlottetown police are investigating a five-vehicle collision that occurred Monday morning at the intersection of Kensington Road and Walker Drive.

According to police, a T3 Transit bus ran into a red light and hit a pickup truck driving west on Walker Drive. The bus then collided head-on with three other vehicles that stopped at a red light.

“When I arrived, you can imagine you have a half ton truck that has become T-legged and you have someone sitting in that truck. You have the airbag around that person. You have two doctors trying to get into the truck … you see a red car seriously hit spinning around, “said Mike Cassidy, owner of T3 Transit.

“You’re looking at your bus. The whole windshield is smashed. The whole right corner, front corner of the bus is connected.”

‘It could be my son’

A release said two drivers were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“I know the father of the boy who’s in the gray truck, and I went over, and it’s not Mike Cassidy, the owner of T3. Now, that could be my son in that truck. So it was father to father, said Cassidy. “But that was the fear of how hurt people are.”

Mike Cassidy, owner of T3 Transit, says’ the good news is that the police have a video and I have cameras on board. Today’s technology tells you the story of your study. ‘ (Travis Kingdon / CBC)

There was no personal injury in the bus.

“There were two passengers in my bus,” Cassidy said.

“Both women, both OK, no problems at all. The driver is in shock, but the driver is not injured.”

Long-term driver

The collision was captured on the police video surveillance system, police said. The Traffic Act is expected to be prosecuted against the bus driver.

“He feels terrible,” Cassidy said.

The driver has worked for T3 Transit for over a decade.

Cassidy said the driver willingly underwent drug and alcohol testing after the accident. He is suspended for the time being and will undergo a full evaluation after the investigation is completed.

“We can say that everyone makes mistakes, but this is a huge mistake,” Cassidy said.

“People are injured in this accident … I pray they are not seriously injured.”

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