The world’s largest inflatable bouncy castle is coming to Sydney

Have you ever seen yourself staring at a child’s bouncy cushion and wishing you were still allowed to be on one, without worrying about emptying it all? We do not blame you. However, there is good news for all of you kids, the world’s largest inflatable amusement park will return to Sydney next year for just a weekend, and your dreams will finally come true.

Imagine a 300-plus meter bouncy amusement park with 50 different obstacles to jump over PLUS a wonderland in space and the largest bouncy castle in the world (approved by Guinness World Records). You do not even have to worry about accidentally stepping on someone because there will be sessions for adults only. Yup. Quite. Child. For free.

The Big Bounce Australia, as it is called, will make you jump around and jump up, down and off giant slides, ball pits, basketball hoops, climbing frames and beach balls – and it’s just The Bounce House.

You’ll have to save some energy for The Giant, with over 50 obstacles to tackle, from giant red balls to rainbow spirals, a zone of inflatable giants. And when you’re done, it’s time to breathe and hit the AirSpace, where an 18-foot-tall maze, multiple ball trenches and epic slides with aliens and spaceships will leave you in dire need of a nap.

This adult’s playground will be on its way to Sydney in 2022 from Friday 11 March to Sunday 13 March, and it will be established at the St Ives Showground.

Tickets will set you back $ 55pp for adult-only sessions (or they are $ 45pp for parent / caregiver and child sessions), giving you three hours of fun on all obstacles. But the joy of having all your childhood dreams come true? Priceless.

More info and tickets can be found here.

The details

What: The Big Bounce
When: Friday, March 11 – Sunday, March 13, 2022
Where: St Ives Showground, St Ives

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Image Credit: The Big Bounce Australia


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