This Toronto Burger Joint features a squid-themed meal combination

If you have not seen Squid Game by now, you have at least heard of all the fanfare surrounding the show. Weeks later and the Netflix show seems to be in high gear on the streaming service platform. So if you’re a fan, you might not want to miss this Squid Game meal combination from Burgers n ‘Fries Forever (BFF) in Toronto.

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Meal squid meal

Squid Game Meal from BFF

Named after the very first game out of the six games in the show, ‘Red Light, Green Light Duo’ includes a burger and poutine. Both dishes have Korean fusion flavors, stuffed with a mixture of sweetness and salt. The Korean hot dog burger comes with halal AAA Angus smashed beef, Dalgona bacon and Kimchi ketchup.

Similarly, the poutine is also accompanied by Korean hot dog, salad with green onions, Dalgona bacon, curd and vegetable sauce. The french fries are made from pure reddish brown potatoes and contain zero additives. The duo is available for a limited time until the end of December.

There is something else exciting about this unique squid-themed meal. Each combination comes with a secret QR code that comes with a set of instructions. Want to see if you can win a prize? This is your chance!

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