This Vancouver technology company has a lot of employment opportunities right now

We all love payday. There is a universal feeling of joy in the few days each month when all your hard work materializes in the form of extra numbers in your bank account.

Vancouver Technology Company, Push operations, work with local businesses to make sure people get paid on time you may have heard of them.

In partnership with some of the largest restaurants in the area – Earls, Tacofino and Hawksworth, just to name a few – the company offers an all-in-one solution for employee management that includes planning, time registration, SIR, and payroll processing.

Throughout the pandemic, Push experienced unexpected growth as it expanded its reach from eateries to fast food chains; lands several major franchisee accounts, including Tim Hortons and A&W.

Other unexpected, yet exciting, growth has involved expansion into the cannabis market, helping dispensary owners with personnel management solutions. The business’ cannabis wing has since grown so fast that Push created the subsidiary brand KayaPush, to serve the market better.

As the burgeoning business continues to expand its activities – automating tedious payroll and other administrative tasks with the ever-present goal of helping a million business owners do what they love – they are currently recruiting for a range of new roles.

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Having recently doubled their team size in the last quarter alone, they are now looking for more talented and driven professionals to join the ranks of their fast-growing business.

Engineering experts who enjoy tackling a wide range of technical challenges are needed to fill the gaps for senior full-stack software engineer and front-end software engineer positions. Here, the daily life of an experienced software engineer would involve the architect, building and testing of Push Operations’ suite of customer-facing products.

As the company continues to grow into new markets and into the United States, they are looking for a sales development representative who is excited to explore new prospect opportunities in new geographic regions.

The company’s customer success team, which is committed to delivering world-class customer experiences, also needs an account manager who can help them continue to grow and leverage expertise across their product line, and an implementation specialist to help customers on board and learn about the solutions. .

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Whatever the position may be, the company prides itself on cultivating a vibrant work environment with team awards to achieve the company’s goals, weekly shoutouts to those who recognize core values, corporate events and games. All in all, it is not uncommon for the table tennis table to function as a meeting room.

Their motto “have fun and love what you do”, radiates in everything they do. As such, the company goes to great lengths to ensure that its employees are adapted to the kind of work they love and that they have the support to achieve both professional and personal goals.

For example, when one of Push Operations’ data entry specialists expressed interest in moving into a developer position, the company’s founders facilitated the career change by supporting the full range of training required for him to acquire the necessary skills and then hire him. as a developer in the company.

The company has also recently implemented a remote control policy, which means that employees can work from home – jogging pants, pets and everything – in their spare time.

Other employee perks include an annual retreat where all departments go to an off-site location to participate in team building and healthy competition.

Quarterly activities and team lunches are also about mixing work with fun – you can even get a glimpse of it yourself in the video below.

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