Thousands still without power as state aid to more wild winds

About 15,000 homes across Victoria are still without power as the cleanup from last week’s devastating winds and storms continues.

More wild weather is on the way for the state, with rain and wind, gusts up to 50 km / h are expected early Wednesday. The power is not expected to be fully restored in all areas affected by last week’s storms, until Friday.

A screenshot of AusNet Services' outcome tracker briefly on Tuesday night.

A screenshot of AusNet Services’ outcome tracker briefly on Tuesday night. Credit:AusNet services

Mobile phone, landline and internet services are also expected to remain severely disrupted for several days in some of the hardest-hit regions, including parts of the Mornington Peninsula.

The state government said power had been restored to most of the 518,000 households that experienced a blackout on Friday. The range of Victorian State Emergency Services had also been strengthened by crews from NSW as the cleanup continued


Optus told Aging that 22 of its mobile phone towers in the state, including some on the Mornington Peninsula, had been hit by the storm, and a “large number” of its installations had been kept in operation with backup batteries.

NBN Co said Tuesday that only about 300 of its customers in the area were still without Internet coverage, down from 1,200 on Monday.

A spokesman for Vodafone said that all the company’s infrastructure in the region was functioning normally and that Telstra did not answer questions.

Many homes around the state still run on gasoline or diesel generators or have no power at all while awaiting reconnection.

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