Vandals steal tractor, lawn mower from Belmont Park Racecourse on Melbourne Cup Day

A police investigation is underway into what appears to be either misplaced horse racing activism or foolish hooliganism in an overnight overnight train crash in Belmont Park.

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup in Flemington – and a big race day in Ascot – Perth Racing officials were wondering why the club’s second major city track in Belmont was the target of injury.

It is understood that vandals bent through the Belmont gates at 4.45am and caused significant damage. The alleged offenders then went into a shed and removed a lawn mower and a tractor, both of which are used to maintain the racetrack.

Tractor that was stolen and damaged Belmont Race Course
Camera iconThe tractor, which was damaged by vandals in Belmont Park. Credit: Andrew Ritchie/The Western Australian

“They then caused damage to equipment, various sheds and fences,” a spokeswoman told police.

“The tractor was located in the parking lot and the mower on a bike path next to the Graham Farmer Freeway.”

It is understood that the police are in the process of investigating whether the emergency room was related to similar crimes committed in the area at approximately the same time.

There was no damage to the Belmont Park track, and an eight-race event is expected to continue as planned on Thursday.


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