Aldi shoppers shout about $ 3.99 goose fat potatoes: ‘Finally they’re back!’

Aldi has brought back a fan favorite of $ 4, and shoppers are already reporting that some stores are sold out, prompting a fan to plead with online critics “Shhhh don’t tell everyone.”

The news of the return of the wildly popular $ 3.99 Specially Selected Goose Fat Crispy Roasting Potatoes has been welcomed by online shoppers, signaling a frenzy of excitement and rave reviews.

The frozen product is part of the budget supermarket giant’s recurring seasonal range, which will be launched for the first time in 2019.

The product in limited edition will continue to be available for the Christmas season, or as long as stock lasts – which means that customers still have a small window to buy.

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It seems that fans are not wasting any time, with many bulk buyers being frozen, and further reports of some Aldi stores already running out of stock.

Aldi Goose fat potatoes
Fans of the temporary item are wasting no time filling up. (Facebook: Aldi Mums / Rebecca Rossen)

“Super excited to find these today just in time as we head to our last bag from last year,” a shopper shared on Facebook, proudly posting her eight-bag pull 1 kg of potatoes.

Other Aldi customers have shared disappointment with the item being sold out at their local.

“All gone at St Mary’s,” wrote one critic.

“Obviously everyone hurried out and got their fingers in some, maybe Aldi will see the sale and make it a permanent item,” shared another not-so-lucky shopper, posting a picture of an empty freezer where the item at $ 3.99 usually sits.

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Tom freezes where Aldi Goose Fat Potatoes should be
Shoppers have shared their devastation over the goose-fat potatoes sold out at their local store. (Facebook: Aldi Mums / Paige Thurley)

A streak of online threads praising the indulgent potatoes has sparked shopping frenzy with comments to Aldi Mum’s Facebook page straight from “Finally they’re back!” to “they are soooo delicious” and “Omg I have to have these”.

“I have two packages. Can’t wait to make them for dinner,” boasted a shopper.

Another admitted to having done the same: “So excited !!! I have filled up”.

“I wish they had these all year round. So good,” wrote a third, while another fan wrote, “Is it weird that I was more excited about them back then? [sic] the special purchases “.

A spokesman for Aldi Australia told 9Honey that the supermarket will continue to take customer feedback into account when adding their permanent range.

“We are proud of the quality and affordable products we bring to customers and are always happy when customers find an Aldi product they love,” they said.

“Our Goose-Fat fried potatoes, which are seasoned, pre-fried and glazed in goose fat, are a recurring customer favorite and popular accompaniment to a delicious Christmas meal.

“We continue to take our customers’ feedback into account when it comes to bringing favorite products back to the shelves or even adding them to our daily range.”

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Aldi Australia 5L Digital Air Fryer, November 2021
Aldi’s Ambiano brand $ 59.99 air fryer returns Saturday, November 13th. (Aldi Australia)

The news comes as Aldi prepares to bring yet another cult favorite back, with its $ 60 5L Ambiano Digital Air Fryer hitting the aisle from Saturday, November 13th.

The air-frying pan with LED touch is part of the retailer’s weekly Special Buys series, with 10-function presets, including frying, frying, preheating and more.

The supermarket’s Special Buy’s fryer has drawn long queues of shoppers, even signals price wars between retail rivals.

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