Anti-Northern Ireland Protocol Rally: Fireworks thrown at PSNI in West Belfast’s Lanark Way

A series of fireworks were thrown at police on Wednesday night during a demonstration against Northern Ireland Protocol in western Belfast.

Round 30 protesters with anti-protocol posters blocked the Lanark Way and forced motorists to turn around.

The gates dividing the loyalist Shankill area and the nationalist Springfield Road were closed as a precautionary measure.

PSNI warned participants that they could be arrested and prosecuted.

Rebel police have been deployed and a number of bins were set on fire in the Shankill Road area.

It was feared that the anti-protocol protest would turn violent after the riots that took place in the area earlier this year.

Creepy elements were accused of trying to whip up tensions at the interface after social media was circulating claiming a protest was to be held in the area at. 18.30.

The announcement was shared by former independent councilor Jolene Bunting, who was present at the demonstration.

When officers spoke to the protesters, Bunting accused PSNI of two-tiered police work before others became involved.

The rally then moved to the Shankill Road area, where a series of fireworks were thrown at police.

A PSNI spokesman said: “Police are dealing with public disorder in the Lanark Way area of ‚Äč‚Äčnorthern Belfast tonight (Wednesday).

“A number of missiles and fireworks have been thrown at police. Officers advise motorists and pedestrians to avoid the area for the time being.”


An anti-protocol protest is taking place on Lanark Way in Belfast on Wednesday night. Photo by Kevin Scott for the Belfast Telegraph.

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