ANU Professor George Wilson wants Australian farmers to sell kangaroo meat to reduce emissions, improve welfare | Canberra Times

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Despite their ubiquity in Australia, kangaroos mean something different to everyone. While for some they are a national icon or a sweet and cute delight, for others they are scrawny predators – and for many more a pest. But an ANU professor says a change in our way of thinking to see kangaroos as a source of food can improve their welfare, reduce carbon emissions and support indigenous communities. Dr. George Wilson says Australia should consider managing kangaroo numbers through commercial production. In a new article published in the journal Ecological Management and Restoration, Dr. Wilson that encouraging private landowners in western NSW and Queensland to commercially harvest kangaroos would limit food waste and improve animal welfare. The declaration has been approved by a group of 25 ecological, conservation, animal welfare and aboriginal agencies. Dr. Wilson said there were about 40 million kangaroos on private grazing properties in those regions, with about 6 or 7 million perishing during recent droughts. Handling those numbers would prevent further damage, he said. “In the long run, it would make a lot more sense for the kangaroos to be worth something in the hands of the grasses. And therefore, they might stop considering them as pests, but as part of their assets to be managed,” Dr. said Wilson. Dr. Wilson believes indigenous communities could use their traditional knowledge to help harvest the animals, and farmers could earn carbon credits to trade in more sustainable kangaroo meat. “Kangaroos produce 35 times less methane per kg of kangaroo meat than beef does,” he said. “Instead of letting the number of beef get up to the same level, or maybe even going beyond that … if we actually increase the number of kangaroos and use them to produce meat, we could possibly generate a CO2 credit. ” Belcon Eco Meats butcher Gino D’Ambrosio sells roo in sausages, steak and farce. He said it is popular for being a lean, protein-rich and sustainable meat. “Kangaroo meat is one of those meats that is very good for you and we should use more of it,” he said. “Especially here in ACT, where we bury [culled kangaroos], we should actually use the meat. “READ MORE: Animal activist Robyn Soxsmith, of the Animal Protectors Alliance, said the slaughter of kangaroos was unnecessary and cruel, in addition to creating unnecessary stress on the animals that survive.” Slaughtering kangaroos traumatizes the mob. Kangaroo families are terrorized night after night for months, year after year, “she said.” Stress is often fatal for kangaroos [and stress] caused by large shootings is extreme. “Dr. Wilson said shooting kangaroos was the most humane way to kill them.” It’s animal welfare that really motivates me, “he said.” We want to see private landowners bring professionals shoot in to ensure roos are shut down humanely. “Our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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