Australian Sale Events 2021: Key Sale of Online Shopping to Mark in Your Diary Ahead of Christmas 2021, including Click Frenzy, Black Friday and more

We are 52 days from Christmas, making it the perfect time to start completing your shopping list.

To make things easier and avoid breaking the household budget, here are the sales dates you need to mark in the calendar right away. With great deals to do, you will not miss an opportunity to cut your Christmas expenses down without sacrificing a single gift.

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Click Frenzy: November 9th

Hundreds of dealers attend the 53 hours Click on the Frenzy-sale-associated entry offers up to 99 percent off big tickets and the perfect socks. From TVs and phones to sneakers and clothes, it’s a great way to get to the top of your Christmas shopping list without breaking the budget.

Sign up to become a Click Frenzy member and get early access to the offers before the rest of the country – members are also eligible for 99 percent off purchases. It’s free to join, so you would love not to.

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Singles Day: November 11th

Singles’ Day sales, which are massive in the Chinese market, are gaining momentum in Australia, and many retailers are eager to offer discounts for just one day. This shopping event towards Valentine’s Day celebrates singledom, and if that’s not a reason to buy you something special, on sale, we do not know what it is.

Singles’ Day – also called ‘Double 11’ – takes place every year on November 11, the date chosen because of how 11/11 represents four single digits. Sweet!

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Black Friday: 26.-28. November

It is the shopping event that has overshadowed sales on Boxing Day, where consumers have made impressively good deals from almost all major brands and retailers around the world.

The Black Friday sale starts the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, where the shopping phenomenon occurred. For Australian consumers, some retailers begin their deals, in-store and online, ahead of Black Friday, with most continuing their discounts for Cyber ​​Monday, which falls the following Monday.

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Cyber ​​Monday: November 29th

As the name suggests, Cyber ​​Monday sales are only available online at retailers who use this day to end their Black Friday weekend sales. It started as a way to lure consumers online, but by 2021 it looks like we do not need this kind of encouragement anymore, as many Australians are buying big online, more during the recent shutdown.

Cyber ​​Monday is the last official major sale before Christmas, and your last chance to secure your Christmas presents at a great price.

Good shopping!

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