Ben Simmons ‘mental health will not use the Philadelphia 76ers’ team doctors

Ben Simmons’ relationship with the Philadelphia 76ers continues to deteriorate with reports that the Australian superstar is refusing the organization’s mental health care.

Simmons, who has been out of action due to personal reasons, was last seen with the team at the Philadelphia training facility for the first time since he was thrown out of training in early October.

While the triple All-Australian is pushing to get a barter out of Philadelphia, it is also implied that he will not return to the pitch in a bit due to not being mentally fit.

According to an ESPN report by respected insiders Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski, the 76ers have become “increasingly frustrated” at the 25-year-old’s refusal to use Philadelphia’s resources to help him with his mental health problems.

The report says: “While Simmons has worked with team physicians to treat a back disease, he has been reluctant to meet with team physicians to discuss his mental readiness,” sources say.

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Instead, Simmons has worked with mental health professionals provided by the NBA Players’ Association, where he has not updated the 76s on how the situation has followed.

Since returning to training, Simmons has been through one-on-one scenarios with the 76ers’ coaching staff.

It is still unclear when he will return to five-on-five activities and close to a return to play.

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