Bidens procession flashed by ‘big naked Scottish man’

Smile for the flash, Mr. President!

A “large naked Scottish man” was apparently seen taking pictures of President Biden as his procession drove from Edinburgh to Glasgow to meet with world leaders for the UN climate summit.

“Shout out to a large naked Scottish man standing in his window and taking a phone picture of the president’s car procession as it passed by,” NPR White House correspondent Scott Detrow said in a tweet.

John Sopel, editor of BBC North America, also reported on the alleged presidential flash.

“At one point when we were still on smaller country roads, a large, naked Scottish man stood in his front window and took a picture of the procession with his telephone,” said the pool report from the White House. Sopel shared on Twitter.

“Welcome to Scotland, Mr President,” Sopel added of the observation on Tuesday when Biden went to the UN COP26 International Climate Conference.

Joe Biden.
President Joe Biden was in Scotland for the UN COP26 International Climate Conference.
Kiara Worth / UPI / Shutterstock
President Joe Biden’s procession drives on the M8 motorway near Salsburgh.
Hannah McKay / REUTERS


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